Thursday, April 10, 2008

8 Links

Flaunt Emile Hirsch by David LaChapelle. I guess Hirsch is really going to work this Into the Wild nature-boy thing for awhile.
Hell on Frisco Bay
worries about San Francisco's famed single screen theater The Castro due to the opening of Indiana Jones 4 there
The Bad & The Ugly has shots of Christian Bale in character from the set of Public Enemies
AfterElton Pushing Daisies gets a gay character --as if the show needed to be any more adorable
Defamer all is not well with the relaunch of the Incredible Hulk
Bauer- Griffin not all paparazzi are evil. This one loves kitties. Awwww
Big Screen Little Screen Chloe & Zooey (the actresses not some children's book) to star in Love Ranch
In the Company of Glenn thinks "chick flicks" need to skew younger to stay alive. Paging Anne Hathaway... (and others)

and a random curmudgeonly thought of the afternoon: "8 things I am always reading about on other blogs but I don't understand why anyone cares about them" all. Like, it's seriously a mystery to me. I'm not even trying to be thickheaded about it: Talentless heirs and heiresses, The Hills, Mischa Barton, Ashlee Simpson, Perez Hilton, Dancing With the Stars, Hayden Christensen and American Idol . Regarding the latter: I once cared --a little bit-- but come on now. Watching the same exact thing multiple times in one week with the same phraseology, same filler episodes, same corporate handjobs, same hosts, same "types", same drama, same everything for 7 years. 7 years!. Will the fascination ever end? I've never seen such endurance from the American public. Me no understand.


ryansumera said...

nat, i think haydens inclusion with the mischas and ashless is undeserved. he was good in shatted glass, life as a house. it's the other hayden that should be dumped with these, hayden penitentiary


maybe so but he's come real far on a trilogy in which virtually nobody was satisfied with him in.


Anonymous said...

I have a newfound love for Hayden Christensen - literally discovered it two weeks whilst watching Jumper and thinking how hot and enigmatic he actually is. Now I'm obsessed with his slim filmography (Shattered Glass, Life as a House etc.), any appearances he's making on magazine covers (right now: Man About Town, Nylon Guys, Details, I'm sure there's another one - his publicist has lately been working Overtime it seems), and I'm even going to see Awake tomorrow... in the cinema!

Other things I like from your overrated 8: Mischa Barton (OC alumna, such a fashion plate - and her full frontal in Closing the Ring sealed the deal for me); Ashlee Simpson (good trash-pop), American Idol (the British versions of this kind of show are a talent-drought and lack the sense of ceremony: Americans just do this sort of thing much better - plus love the guest mentors more than anything).

Anonymous said...

P.S. I Love You for that LaChapelle vs. Hirsch link. Mmm...

Glenn said...

I occasionally talk about So You Think You Can Dance :(

But, yeah, every time I see entires on blogs about The Hills or whatever those stupid shows are I skip right past them. Who are these people and does anybody really actually care about them?

Anonymous said...

Okay, Nat. So You Think You Can Dance is pretty legit, and is currently one of the only forms of entertainment bringing other forms of dance (besides hiphop) such as modern, jazz and lyrical ballet, to the homes of Middle America. The contestants are highly trained dancers, and, unlike most talent-reality shows, the majority of the show is filled with well-rehearsed and thought out pieces of choreography.


I actually like so many forms of dancing too --watching I mean. I'm not sure what's the big turn off for me. It might be the sheer corniness of it. Or the C-list celebrity thing. zzzz. I devour celebrity stuff and I haven't heard of some of the people.

or maybe it's the public vote thing. I really detest that aspect of reality television. If you're competing in a contest that requires skill and training the only people who should be deciding are people who know what they're talking about.

much prefer Project Runway and Top Chef where only the experts get to say "bye bye"

Anonymous said...

wasn't hirsh hairier in into the wild i knew it was fake chest fuzz borroweb from the baldwin brothers!!!

Glenn Dunks said...

"Or the C-list celebrity thing. zzzz."

Are you thinking of Dancing with the Stars? There's no celebs on SYTYCD.

And as much as I loooove Project Runway the "worst" is not always the one who gets elimated. For examples see: Wendy Pepper (season 1), Vincent and Angela (season 3) who were clearly only kept on as long as they were for "entertainment" purposes. That credit at the end about the judges and producers deciding the oucome was never more apparent than when Vincent's weird cardboard "art" dress didn't get him sent home.