Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hump Day Hottie, Sigourney Weaver

Happy 59th (!?!) birthday to filmdom's most beloved Amazon, Sigourney Weaver. Apparently the Film Experience has turned into MILF central this week. Or even GILF central what with that Grand Guignol post --not that obsessing on maturing divas hasn't always been an [ahem] ...preference. predilection. pleasure.

<--- To quote 30Rock's wicked MILF Island approval catchphrase
"You've kept it tight."
So here's to Ms. Weaver. May her reunion with James Cameron in 2009's Christmas offering Avatar (2009) reignite interest in both of their once titanic careers. In addition to that long awaited action flick next year, Sigweavie will also be co-starring in the Tim Allen (ewww) comedy Crazy on the Outside and she's got the lead role of a devout Christian mom in the adaptation of the non-fiction gay centered book Prayers for Bobby. She might even be doing a Gypsy Rose Lee film for television next year --not that that story is crying out for yet another film, stage or tv interpretation.

Even if these four projects don't amount to a lot it'll be nice to have her back in a fuller way. Streep and Dench can't really hog every role intended for older women, now can they? They aren't right for everything. Sometimes you've just gotta have a slightly intimidating, carnal, intelligent and statuesque brunette warrior in your film.

Sometimes nothing else will do.

Share your favorite Sigourney star turn in the comments. Or your second favorite if you're all going to scream "RIPLEYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyy"


Guy Lodge said...

Duh. "The Ice Storm."

That scene where she plays with her child's whip is worth a thousand Ripleys.

Hayden said...

Working Girl!

She was so delightful in The TV Set. "People would always ask me, 'Can Xena be funny? I'm the one saying, 'fuck yes!' I have always believed that Lucy Lawless has a great half-hour comedy in her!"

Dave said...

I think my favourite role of her's will always be from Death and the Maiden, because she's so completely dominating of the screen I think she was permanently burnt into my retinas (it's a lovely image to wake up to). It's the film that made me fall in love with her.

Although if I ever met her I'd probably run in the opposite direction for fear of getting trampled on/burnt to a crisp/mercilessly cut down by her wit.

par3182 said...

alvy's date outside theatre - annie hall

Anonymous said...

There is no Ripley, only Zoul!
... or Dana Barrett.

Way to take on the biggest comedians and special effects in the world, and nearly steal the show.

c.p. iñor said...

The Ice Stors... no... Working Girl... no... A Map of the World... no... Heartbreakers... no.... The Year of Living Dangerously... mmm... no no... Imaginary Heroes... or maybe Gorillas in the Mist...

damn... that's hard... I JUST LOVE HER IN EVERYTHING!!!

(well I think you got the idea)

Anonymous said...

“Ellen Ripley”- ALIENS (legendary)


Hey, what happened on Oscar night '88/89? That trophy was HERS damn it. Seriously, does Hollywood have issues with her? The Academy snubbed her for both ICE STORM (so unjust) and MAP OF THE WORLD (er, just).

Oh, and yea gotta give the Golden Globes a pat-on-the-back when it comes to Weaver. They helped pave the way for her ’86 ALIENS Oscar nom and gave her not one, but TWO trophies in ’88. Damn, I hope she makes a comeback.

Unknown said...


Sigourney Weaver IS a "slightly intimidating, carnal, intelligent and statuesque brunette warrior." She definitely deserves to be in more.

It's hard to pick a favorite performance. I really like in her everything she does, but her roles in Alien(s[3{:Resurrection}]), Ghostbusters, and the Ice Storm come to mind.

Every once in awhile HBO or Showtime will pick up the movie Heartbreakers and play it non-stop for a month or so, and I always watch it...every time I see it on. It's embarrassing and cheesy but such a guilty pleasure. Dare I say that Sigourney even shows a lot of range in this role? Lol.

Pedro said...

There is a movie called Jeffrey where she has a cameo with Kathy Najimy, and it is hilarious. The best part of that movie. Obviously it is not her best performance, but it made the movie Jeffrey memorable.

I'll have to agree with some, for me her best perf is in The Ice Storm.

Trey said...

Working Girl and Holes, I think, though I still need to see Aliens. I would love to have seen Das Lusitania Songspiel.

adam k. said...

Oh, Sigourney. I miss her too. I'm doing a scene right now from Beyond Therapy, which she was apparently in onstage. I was surprised, cause it was a more meek and traditionally feminine role. It would be fun to see her doing something against type these days...

In other news, you're flirting with an A for Rachel Getting Married!?!? Mee oh my. Will it be the first "A" since Brokeback? I find that rather shocking. But it certainly confirms the already-pretty-much-agreed-upon notion that Anne Hathaway sure knows how to pick projects.

I hope you're not upping that grade just to spite me for assuming this little indie would be a mere B+ ; )

Cluster Funk said...

I thought the first image was Geena Davis for a second (another MIA Amazonian).

And yes, Davis robbed Weavie of the '88 Oscar that rightly belonged to her!

Brian Darr said...

Ice Storm of course, but since everyone else mentioned it already I'll sneak in another one I really liked her in: Galaxy Quest.

Most recently, I thought her cameo in Be Kind Rewind was multi-levels of perfect.

ryansumera said...

also from the same 30 rock episode.

"she has the bearing of a queen."

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

It's all about the "Slut Wars!" and "Motherf*ckers!" for me and Weavie.

But I did applaud her in Snow White: A Tale of Terror.

Anonymous said...

"I really don't think that's a variable. We're in the same city now, I've indicated that I'm receptive to an offer, I've cleared the month of June... and I am, after all, me."

Michael Parsons said...

I loved her in 'A Map of the World' and 'The Ice Storm', and also really liked her in 'Snow Cake'. said...

top 10 sigourney:

The Ice Storm
The Year of Living Dangerously
Death and the Maiden
Alien 3
Galaxy Quest
Working Girl

but apparently i need to check out 'map of the world' and, uh... 'heartbreakers'? Really?

J.J. said...

A Map of the World. Trickiest character she's ever played. And don't forget Dave!

P.S. I'm writing about Dana Barrett in detail soon.

J.J. said...

And Copycat!

ryansumera said...

just because no one's mentioning it. "tadpole" where she shares milf duties with the equally luscious bebe neuwirth.

Anonymous said...

She's also playing Eli's therapist on ABC's "Eli Stone" this season, starting next week.

Anonymous said...

RIPLEYYYYY!!! of course...
but also WORKING GIRL (I also have a problem with 1989 Academy Awards regarding Weaver) and Ice Storm.
But I love also THE YEAR LIVING DANGEROUSLY (not for her, actually, but it's still a great movie), THE DEATH AND THE MAIDE, GORILLAS IN THE MIST (not a great film per se, but Sigourney is outstanding as Diane Foster).

mirko s.

Anonymous said...

ok the legend that is ms weaver is my fave actress of all time and i would not live up to my name if i did not do a top 10 so here with no 1 the best here it goes.

1 -alien - for inventing a whole new screen heroine and my 1st flirt with her.

2 - working girl - "quit staring at my gown" and the faint in the office

3 - the ice storm - the scene withe whip and the line that she is bored.

4 - aliens - for getting a nom for a sci fi film and for the line " get away from her you bitch"

5 - death and the maden - for sheer intensity.

6 - the tv set- hilarious " slut wars" and a in my top 5 supp actresses for 2007.

7 - a map of the world - for the car scene near the end and in the woods with julianne.

8 - galaxy quest - for sending herself up & image up perfectly

9 - gorillas in the mist - any scene with her and the gorillas or john miluwi as sempagari.

10 - dave - for softening her image and the line "why can't you die from a heart attack like everyone else"

and another thing she is right for doubt not streep.

8 -

Fox said...


She's the nastiest skank ever!

is that so wrong? said...

Three cheers for Copycat!

Anonymous said...

copycat is deff my fave. then prayer for bobby was absolutely amazing, and of course all of her work is simply some of (if not) the best work created on screen.