Monday, February 15, 2010

Red Carpet Berlinale: Tilda's Harem and Michelle's Ghost

They're five days into the Berlin International Film Festival and I've scarcely mentioned it. Oh, to have funds that would take us there. Nevertheless we can stargaze. Here's a random sampling of the celebrities working that roter teppich.

Michelle Williams favored black and white for the official events for Shutter Island in which she has a small but pivotal role, haunting the film from flashbacks and in hallucinations. Now that the movie is being reviewed I can tell you that I couldn't connect to it at all. A lot of those reviews are raves, but I'm definitely more in the Tim Robey camp here. I'd read the novel and it's maybe the most faithful adaptation I've ever seen... which isn't necessarily a good thing. I missed Scorsese's own cinematic voice. It felt too beholden to every description, gesture and page in the book. Given that it's a twist novel, knowing the twist before hand makes the experience inconsequential. It did for me at least.

David Kross stars in a true story about a German student who travels to Cambodia and falls for a woman there. No word yet on whether he takes a bath in her apartment or reads to her incessantly. The film, which just opened in Germany, is called Same Same But Different.

Renée Zellweger, red carpet staple, is at the festival... as a jury member. No word yet on which film Zeéeeee and the jury like. It's early still. Her next film is the disability weepie My Own Love Song (from the director of La Vie En Rose) so she's obviously still eyeballing that return trip to Oscar. Could that happen for her this year?

"The World's Biggest Movie Star" Shahrukh Khan was there to premiere My Name is Khan, which coincidentally also just opened in the States. I haven't seen enough Bollywood pictures to know whether or not he deserves the status as the guy. Have you?

World reknowned director Zhang Yimou (sans former muses Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi) hit the carpet to promote his latest Sam Qiang Pai an Jing Qi. The title translates to A Woman, A Gun and a Noodle Shop which makes it sound like a comedy... but for the plot which is about a man out to murder his adulterous wife. Or some such.

Finally, can we safely agree that goddess Tilda Swinton is now the official mascot of all A list film festivals? Mascot doesn't sound hot enough. The Official Muse of A List Film Festivals! That's better.

Brain Twister: If a film festival opens, plays and closes and Tilda never once appears, did the film festival actually happen?

Interesting Side Note: Tilda is now a big enough star that the media notices who she brings to these things and is perplexed by it. Note to media types: Just because Tilda walks the carpet holding hands with someone you don't recognize, that does not mean that she's taken yet another lover. Tilda doesn't have time to maintain an entire harem of young men (gay or otherwise).

Where would she find the time? She makes a lot of movies, goes to a lot of film festivals, and surely spends at least one hour of every day immobile, paralyzed by the magnitude of her own fabulousity.


tesh said...

I'm no fan, but even I'll admit that Shah Rukh Khan is a phenomenon, and even though I'm half in the US and half in India, I can say that very few US stars, not even Brangelina, get the total adulation that:
Shah Rukh Khan
and greater still
Amitabh Bachchan get.

And the love is not limited to South Asian diaspora. Russians, the English, South East Asians, and many more that I am unaware of -- are ardent SRK followers.

And dude's a great actor, with a preened arrogance and paradoxically social consciousness to match. I just think that in most of his roles, it's SRK who comes across, even when the characters are different.

I'd say that Amitabh, though a tad more popular and more of a veteran, has less of an overpowering screen presence.

jimmy said...

tilda needs some sunshine or a tanning booth.

ak said...

SRK is DEFINITELY a megastar. People love him universally. I find Bollywood a little bit vapid, but when the screenplay offers substance, SRK is there to deliver. You should watch him in Swadesh. Loved that movie and Shah Rukh was quite good in it in a very understated way. Very little singing or dancing.

Did Tilda bring Draco Malfoy as her date? WTF

Jim T said...

Why do I feel that Michelle Williams should play Harley Quinn? It's that photo. Had Ledger not played Joker, I think it would have been a good choice. Assuming they care about putting in that character.

Anonymous said...

Ziyi Zhang is detested in China these days per usual
But ZY needs to direct Gong Li again. Come back Gong Li.

Sid said...

Well, Shah Rukh Khan is pretty much the biggest star here, although you could say that Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan are as popular in the country. But SRK is far more popular than those two when it comes to Indians living outside India, which makes sense since a lot of his films are set in New York, London, etc.

As an actor, he hasn't challenged himself frequently enough and his personality usually overpowers the characters he plays. I'm not a fan but he's good in My Name is Khan (My review), although this performance is a little overrated because of the Forrest Gump-like character he plays.

Anonymous said...

I love the last Tilda paragraph.

I hope she does take that hour out of her day. She deserves it.

Anonymous said...


so Shah Rukh Khan = George Clooney?

beloved, arrogant, socially conscious and a good actor, despite coming across as a variation of himself in every role he takes?

Nauval Yazid said...

Shah Rukh Khan is not an actor. He is a star, he knows he is being one, and he ensures that everything he does enhances his stardom.

He can shift between emotions, albeit skin deep, in most of his films. Acceptable, as Bollywood actors are all required to dance, act and sing (lip-synching, actually) in one film. Yet, in "My Name is Khan", which I saw last night, I was quite surprised to see how Shah Rukh Khan manages to convey consistency in making us rooting for his character.

You can see he is acting, and the effort actually makes him excel best in what he does.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the trailer for My Own Love Song....its like a summary of the movie and its 5 minutes long...I hate such sort of trailers


I have a question for Bollywood fans. I'm noticing most of you call him Shah Rukh Khan but i keep seeing his name spelled Shahrukh Khan as if there's no first and middle name but a longer name.

which is correct?

cal roth said...

Nat, the new movie by Zhang Yimou is a Coen Bros' Blood Simple remake.

Rebecka said...

The English name of Sanqiang pai'an jingqi is A Simple Noodle Story and it's a comedy.
It's been pretty poorly recieved in China as far as I've read...

KD said...

Nat, Shahrukh is correct. Shah Khan is not the way he is addressed ever. He is simply SRK. Shahrukh Khan. Shah = Emperor, rukh = face, Shahrukh = Emperor-faced

Unknown said...

I miss the one who must not be named, squinted eyes devil, you need someone to hate

Rossjacobfrotch said...

David Kross stars in a true story about a German student who travels to Cambodia and falls for a woman there. No word yet on whether he takes a bath in her apartment or reads to her incessantly. The film, which just opened in Germany, is called Same Same But Different.

hahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha oh, naked kate and her chesticles with young ger-men.

Peggy Sue said...

Tilda is a goddess!
Really hope she's invited to the Oscars

Raluca said...

David Kross and Shahrukh Khan, two of my top favourite actors in the same photo, that is a dream.
I knew that Berlin has it all!

tesh said...

Wikipedia & IMDB says Shahrukh, but I've seen plenty Shah Rukh.

I am not sure if Clooney is arrogant or if SRK is socially conscious.