Saturday, October 02, 2004

Limbo Land

between movies I am.

Yesterday was my best friend's birthday and we went out for dinner and drinks and had a ball. But no movie afterwards and today my beau says not to go to the movies without him and so tomorrow, I will try to see Ü• HUCKABEES and MOTORCYCLE DIARIES both of which I've been pining away for for months.

but something is bothering me. something is very wrong with me. i am sitting at my computer doing research on possible best actress candidates for 2005. Samantha Morton? Zhang Ziyi? That's just too obsessed --Even for me. Inbetween bouts of this way-too-early internet research I am reading "The Persian Boy" by Mary Renault a novel of Alexander the Great. Which is also kind of research...but reading doesn't count as such since it's good for you and I don't do enough of it.


Barro said...

I'm also reading "The persian boy" as preparation for Oliver Stone's Alexander. So far it's been a nice surprise, and I like the depiction of the young Bagoas as he drifts from the persian mindset towards the more disinhibited moral of Alexander's kinsmen.

I've been a reader of Thefilmexperience for many years, you're one of my favourite web people. A true inspiration.

So, Nathaniel, a warm hug from Hugo de Santiago de Chile.
(btw: our oscar wannabe is spelled "Machuca", and we're very hopeful about it)

Anonymous said...

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