Monday, January 31, 2005

That's Incredible

The Incredibles won 10 prizes at this year's Annie Awards, further cementing the notion that the Animated Oscar will be Pixar's again this year. Its chief Oscar competition, Shrek 2, lost in every category at this year's ceremony.

In other animated news, despite a weak year in 2004 for toons, 2005 could provide nail biting suspense as to which films will make the Best Animated Feature lineup. The following films are all expected to debut within the 2005 eligibility period:

CARS -the latest from Pixar
MADAGASCAR -four animals from the Central Park Zoo
CURIOUS GEORGE -Universal (traditional 2D animation)
HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE the latest from Studio Ghibli (who brought us Spirited Away)

and the two I'm most excited about:

Should be quite a contest for those 3 slots (although possibly there will be 5 next year given the amount of stuff that will probably open in addition to these, the high-profile films) and quite a year for toon lovers.


John T. said...

I can't wait for the Wallace and Gromit Movie-with its Oscar track record, it certainly will have a shot at the l'il golden guy. I'm most looking forward to Cars, though-Pixar has given nothing but (varying degrees of) excellence since Toy Story, and I don't doubt that they'll continue with it.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Cars has been postponed to 2006. Some people say they needed more time. Others say it's a way to prolong the broken Disney-Pixar relationship with the hope that something will mend.

Anonymous said...

I think the main reason Cars is being postponed to 2006 is because Disney/Pixar saw the box office returns from Finding Nemo and The Incredibles and realized that it would make more financial sense to put Cars in the Finding Nemo slot that worked better. They just have to wait until 2006 because it won't be ready by this May. At least I am hoping this is the case, because I don't want Pixar's streak to end.

Anonymous said...

As the person above me said, Cars has been postponed for maximum profit (basically). Releasing in Summer allows for a higher cinema gross as well as a Christmas release of the DVD like Finding Nemo.

But, yes, it will definitely be an interesting year for animated films. And for only the second year out of four (!) it wont be made entirely out of CGI Animated films. I'm sure Wallace & Gromit is ALREADY the favourite considering the shorts won 2 our of 3.

But, yes, The Corpse Bride is what I am excited about.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget - the Academy gets another chance to snub Richard Linklater and his painted-digital-video in "A Scanner Darkly".

-- Joe

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