Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Music Shuffle

Thought I'd try this iTunes / iPod meme. List the 25 songs your iTunes or iPod plays on shuffle no matter how incriminating. Here we go:

01 Express Yourself Madonna
so far so good. A bit overplayed but still unarguably classic Mo. Ahhhh I remember the days of dancing to this @ the Nectarine Ballroom in Ann Arbor with Maddy Mo parading around in the altogether with sweaty muscle men on the giant video screen.
02 Love Me or Leave Me Billie Holliday
03 Simple Jane Krakowski from "Nine"
This is horribly opportunistic of me but I've never been to London and I figure fare$ must be really low right now? Should I fly over and see Guys and Dolls with Ewan and Jane and report back? It's oh so tempting.
04 The Gal From Joe's Nina Simone
05 Peter Pan (Live) Patty Griffin

06 It's Not Up To You Björk
07 Remind Me Peggy Lee
08 Multitudes of Amys Stephen Sondheim from Sondheim Sings Vol 1
So, Stephen is not the greatest singer but this CD (which one lovely reader bought for me from my birthday wish list ~thank you thank you) is very cool for Sondheim fanatics.
09 Too Fat Too FitCast of The Producers
This is a novelty number from a charity CD of Broadway casts doing original and traditional Christmas songs... but the fact that this showed up at all on random play illustrates one of my frustrations with "shuffle" -Who wants Christmas songs in July? But I don't exactly want to have to upload my same Christmas music to my computer every December?
10 What You Didn't Say Mary Chapin Carpenter
so, so far... it looks like I only listen to showtunes and female singers. Um, I just might be gay.

11 3 MCs and 1 DJ The Beastie Boys
12 Osanna in Excelsis Mass in B Minor ? Chorus...
I'm not sure what this is but both the boyfriend and the best friend usurp my computer from time to time so I end up with classical stuff --another reason I hate shuffle--
13 Love Song for a Vampire Annie Lennox
14 Jennifer eURYTHMICs
Ooh, a little Annie set. I don't know if I've ever shared this throughout my time websiting & blogging but Eurythmics is pro'ly my favorite band. Jennifer is one of the greatest songs Annie & Dave ever birthed. Now normally repetitive songs wear me out but this one hypnotizes. underneath the water ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh underneath the water. I would absolutely scream with pleasure if this set off a shuffle music meme of creepy songs about women & water imagery. Maybe PJ Harvey's classic "Down by the Water" will be next? please. oh. please. I love "sets" on iTunes.
15 Truth Is... Tweaker (featuring Robert Smith)

16 There's No Business Like Show Business Harry Connick Jr.
17 Come With Me Sara Ramirez from "Spamalot!"
I really loved Monty Python and the Holy Grail when I was a teen... but I have had almost zero interest in seeing this on stage. I guess I'm sick to death of movies-to-stage transfers. There's so much great stuff that needs to go in the other direction.
18 To Have and Not to Hold Madonna
I think Ray of Light is her best CD. In my opinion the trinity isRay of Light, Like a Prayer and Music
19 My Darlin' Eileen cast of Wonderful Town
20 Acoustic Guitar Magnetic Fields
I know the hipster reign of 69 Love Songs is very 2000 --but it really is a must-have. It's aging well.

21 Billy Oddity Mojave 3
22 I Need a Man eURYTHMICs
23 Hometime Alison Moyet
Um... I'm sorta surprised to say that I've never really listened to this despite buying it some time ago. You know how that can happen when you buy someone out of habit rather than a "I must buy this CD" type of urge. But, this song is cool. Now I guess I should really listen to the CD.
24 Everything's Ruined Fountains of Wayne
25 Nadine Frank Black
there goes Nadine...
bonus track:
Everything You Can Think Tom Waits from Alice


Anthony said...

And the new Coldplay is just as embarassing to own up to but still very good.

Anonymous said...

How is confessing to owning Coldplay's CD embarassing. Coldplay are one of the best bands around today. They make some of the more interesting mainstream music... (which you obviously know cause you have the CD)


Anonymous said...


is the link to my blog if for some insane reason you wanted to see what my first 25 were.


darkcypherlad said...


I thinking liking Madonna qualifies as more embarrassing than liking the new Coldplay album. I enjoy them both, so I guess I should be doubly embarrassed, no?

And Glenn: what's with all the George Michael on your list? And NO Ciara? :P Haven't visited your blog before. Will do so in the future (if you don't mind another reader).


darkcypherlad said...

I should really preview my posts. Obviously, I meant to write "think" instead of "thinking."

Anonymous said...

Madonna 4Ever!

the boyfriend said...

it's all part of my nefarious plan to infect you with high culture. A little Bach here, a little Proust there...

Considering some of the truly awful movies you've dragged me to a "little turn about is fair play" seems in order!

Anonymous said...

Don't even think about going to London. Friend of mine took a trip specially to see Bryn Terfel in the Rhinemaidens - off sick. One piece of bad luck does not a true opera nut deter, so he tried again two months later for Valkyrie. Guess what? Yup. Off sick again. You can bet something you care about that if you book those tickets and make that trip, Jane and Ewan will instantly develop strep throat.

Anonymous said...

Jason, you can drop by my blog any time you feel like it. I've never posted the link before so that's why you've never been...!

And, yeah, I don't know why three George Michael songs came on in the span of 25 songs considering i have 2000 on my iPod.

And, I only have one Ciara song on my iPod because I really don't like her a lot. GET A VOICE!


Anonymous said...

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