Tuesday, February 08, 2005


And so it is...that I finally finished the FiLM BiTCH Awards nominations. Which took me much longer than I was expecting this year. You can now read the whole damn thing if you're so inclined.

In 42 categories, Eternal Sunshine led the pack with 15 nominations. Kill Bill Volume 2 is close behind with 13 despite missing on most of the traditional Oscar categories. The Aviator and Spider-Man 2 are the only other double digit nominees with 11 and 10 nominations each.

The best film to fare the worst in my awards is spring, summer, fall, winter... and spring which is my 6th favorite film of the year but only received 1 nomination. (???) Of films which I did not find recommendation worthy, De-Lovely scores the highest with 4 nominations. Of my bottom ten films of the year, 3 received nominations --those lucky devils were The Passion, Troy, and Team America).

And the best 2004 films to be entirely snubbed in the FiLM BiTCH Awards were The Five Obstructions and The Bourne Supremacy. Weird how films you actually like quite a bit sometimes end up on the cutting room floor.

I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed compiling and writing about them. Medals (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) will be announced in each category on February 26th, 2005


John T said...

Loved the awards this year Nathaniel. I'm shocked that you didn't even mention Lindsay Lohan though for Best Actress-glad to see Emma Thompson and The Littlest Elf listed, though.

Anonymous said...

i was checking out the polls listed on the oscarwatch and surprise! many were listing Kate Winslet as the fav to win. i would be the happiest person if this happened. realistically would the academy go for her?


Anonymous said...

Loved the awards this year. I had a sort of similar thing as your Spring, Autumn... Zatoichi was my 7th favourite of the year yet it only ended up as a runner up in a lot of characters (except my own "Musical Sequence in a non-musical film" and "Best Ending" which are the same scene (The stomp tap finale showstopper).

And it's interesting to notice that you indeed consider all 4 character in Closer to be leads. I consider them all supporting considering the story doesn't revolve around just 1 or 2 but the story revolves around all four and they all support everyone else and the other plots.

Anyway, well done.


adam k. said...

I was kind of surprised not to see Cady Heron or Regina George anywhere on the best diva list. Oh well.
And no, I don't think Kate Winslet has a chance in hell this year, but we'll see... maybe she'll win the BAFTA? But probably that will go to Staunton, who seems like the only real upset possibility.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing someone recognize tag lines. I savor a good tag line as much as a good title when I find them. Personally, I thought "Fortune favors the bold" was a terrible tagline, especially after seeing the movie; how can Alexander quote Virgil who lived centuries later? I think Dogville's was the best tagline of the year, but was disappointed that you didn't mention Kinsey's "Let's talk about sex." I'd have nominated Dogville, Kinsey, Team America, Vera Drake, and Shaun of the Dead. And I would have mentioned Lemony Snicket's "We're very concerned."

I hope next year you'll consider adding a Best Title category.

Anonymous said...

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