Wednesday, February 09, 2005


'anonymous' (hey, I don't know names -y'all need to sign your comments) asked earlier if I would add a best title category to next year's FiLM BiTCH Awards. My answer is probably not since at 42 categories, it's already way too unwieldy. My own doing I know. (My next great dilemma is when I try to do the retrospectives, do I take only a few bites or attempt he whole enchilada?)

But are there enough good titles a year to justify a category? Seems to me for every "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" there's a ton of titles so generic that they're maddening and instantly confusing. which movie is that again? And a lot of the great titles come from books. "Sideways" is a perfect title but it's based on a book.


Jake said...

i have one related comment: i doubt that the "best title" catergory would work for that reason but this year we had "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind", "maria full of grace", "mean girls", "team america: world police" and "open water", all very good. i would propose another catergory though, best studio, which could be given for the best groups of films or best fyc campaign.

and one unrelated comment: i liked your all to sadly true article on the history of the best actress race, especially since i think we are living in an era in which the women far outdo the men. but i have one complaint, and that is that helen hunt deserved the academy award in 1997 for her true characterization of a complex woman. she provided depths and individuals qualities for a character written by james l. brooks (my arch-nemesis at the moment. "spanglish", kill me!), and in that field and for the year, she, in my humble and forceful opinion, deserved the statue.

Anonymous said...

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