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Kiki Turns 24

I kinda always knew she’d end up Jake's ex-girlfriend (whoa)

I kinda always knew she’d end up Jake's ex-girlfriend
I hope she holds a special place with the rest of them
And you know it makes Atticus sick that she's on that list
But she shoulda thought of that before they kissed

I kinda always knew she’d end up Jake's ex-girlfriend (whoa)
I kinda always knew she’d end up Jake's ex-girlfriend (whoa)
I hope she holds a special place with the rest of them...

* apologies to No Doubt but the song was in my head...

Old Week. New Banner.

Can you guess what ties the films in our new banner together?

The banner is no longer that strip of Pfeiffer Pfotos because her birthday week has now passed by. [if you still want to gaze, here's my gallery] For those living under a rock or those clicking links to arrive here for the first time (which amounts to the same thing ;) no, I kid. Welcome), not all weeks have themes but this past did. Pfeiffer kept blessing the pfestivities with her presence.

Highlights from the Past Week
The Blog-a-Thon honoring La Pfeiffer.
A brief history of my Tuesday series "A History Of..."
The debut installment of our new community service: Weekly Horoscopes
A celebration of Hug an Australian Day
and an imaginery American Idol Movie.
MTV's Best Kiss nominations.
And for Oscar Obsessives (you know who you are) a look back at 1958's contenders for Supporting Actress

Say What -Zodiac?

Say What Sunday
I asked you to add dialogue to the upcoming movie still. The winners are...

PG Family Edition. Thanks, Mikadzuki.

One to give the MPAA nightmares. Congrats to JA.

(previous 'say what? 'installment)

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Friday, April 28, 2006


So, this is pfun. The Pfeiffer Blog-a-Thon continues to rage (see here or just scroll down depending on how you got here) I think at 35 bloggers it is now developing a life of it's own. I feel a bit overwhelmed by the outpouring of love.

I wish La Pfeiffer could see it. Or perhaps not. She is a little skittish.

I can't post anything tomorrow (the official day of Pfeiffer's birth) so I wish her a happy birthday now and draw my Pfeiffer Pfrenzy week to a close with this its last official post. I'll keep updating the blog-a-thon should more links arrive so you may need to refresh the screen when you come back. I'll be back after a nap (this has been exhausting) and a cold shower (all this pfandom makes me hot) for a non-Pfeiffer related post.

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Libby Gelman Waxner, the humor columnist for Premiere once remarked that Michelle Pfeiffer was 'what God had in mind for humanity before the blueprints got all dusty and smudged in the glove compartment'. I've come to cherish such old school hosannas to her cinematic grandeur like they were ancient scripture. Since we don't see much of her these days, her name spoken aloud often registers as a surprise. I hear the name with its own exclamation point. In last year's brilliant Werner Herzog documentary Grizzly Man there's a scene in which Timothy Treadwell, the film's "star" of sorts, talks about the bears and their mating rituals. He calls the most desired female 'the Michelle Pfeiffer of grizzly bears.' For such a supposedly ideal human specimen, this was not the first time Pfeiffer was mistaken for an animal.

The Ferocity of Pfeiffer

This not-quite-human effect started with Ladyhawke in 1985. Prior to that she ran the risk of being an interchangeable member of Hollywood's blonde beauty pack (infinite in number they are). There was the gum chomping Pink Lady of Grease 2 and the angry icy Elvira from Scarface but she was still just an actress... merely human. She was not yet "PFEIFFER" the star. It would take this mystical role in Ladyhawke as Isabeau, a woman who was also a bird, and simple aging to make her beauty truly alien. Once the softness of youth faded you imagine her onscreen lovers could cut themselves on the browline or cheekbone. The features slowly starting revealing their exquisite if angular architecture. She is rumored to have landed the Isabeau part after a comedic audition in which she imitated our feathered friends. But Catwoman aside, it's not usually a laughing matter when Pfeiffer lets her inner animal roar.

It wasn't even a laughing matter in Ladyhawke. The comedy was delivered by the headlining star Matthew Broderick (intentionally) and its anachronistic synthesized rock score (unintentionally). Pfeiffer's work was all serious "I am sorrow" suffering. She doesn't go for laughs, she goes for the jugular. Not just as an actor but as a budding star. They say that many great stars understand intuitively their rapport with the camera. She must have known then, when she turned to the camera in the moonlight that black hood framing her otherworldly beauty, what a gift the film and the character were to her. Beautiful. Tragic. Not entirely human. The studio would wisely lift the image for the movie's poster. Broderick was the marketable star but Pfeiffer as a legendary face was the great takeaway of the film.

The Isabeau performance isn't avian in shape the way her later correlative woman/animal work was in Batman Returns, when she gave in completely to the stylization. But a nonhuman or animalistic detail finds its way into many performances. Is it the way her tongue sometimes lifts tantalizingly up, too visible in her mouth --not a cheap come hither, lip-licking starlet movement but just something her mouth does, opening with anticipation. Perhaps she's waiting to be fed? But mostly I see the animal in her eyes. Watch any given film and you'll see it. They move too quickly surveying danger or registering movement or, more distinctly, they refuse to move at all. It's in those killer shots where she holds her gaze a beat or two too long on a co-star that you begin to wonder. What is the person is to her? Friend? Lover? (gulp) Prey?

All of these fascinating alien or animal intensities are in full bloom in White Oleander (2002), which I consider among her very strongest work. In an excellent review in Salon, Stephanie Zacharek wrote:
"Ingrid, as Pfeiffer plays her, has both the look and composure of a self-possessed lizard: Her eyes, which we normally know to be a dazzling blue, are icy and cold here, and you could probably count the number of times she blinks during the whole movie."
I haven't counted Stephanie, but I trust that the number is very small. If Pfeiffer had been any less beautiful as a woman, her intensity as an actor would have scared audiences away long ago.

Bird. Deer. Reptile. Wolf. Cat

Comparing Pfeiffer to a reptile was not my idea but I was glad to hear someone else bear witness to her animal within. Back in Ladyhawke Rutger Hauer's man/wolf initally reads as the more imposing creature but it's Pfeiffer's woman/bird that gets scarier with the running time. See that unwaveringly ferocious contempt with which Isabeau locks her gaze on the bishop late in the film. One senses immediately that were this the bird and not the woman standing before him, he would already be missing his eyes.

From her breakthrough days as a cursed bird Pfeiffer's animal instints continue. You could claim the next incarnation as that startled frozen deer in Dangerous Liaisons but for this movie watcher, it's in the area of predator not prey where Pfeiffer comes alive. There's an extra kick to her work as Isabeau and Ingrid and Catwoman or any of her angry but more recognizably human characters that you don't get her in lighter or passive fare. It's her savagery peaking through. Maybe she played the wrong role in Liaisons. It's amazing when you stop to look over Pfeiffer's gallery of characters, that Merteuil and Valmont even made it to the final reel, let alone devoured her.

I get angry whenever watching Wolf that the film is tricked up with special effects to convey the lycanthrophe within. When that film's trailer first appeared in 1994 the marketing hook was all about winkily joking with the audience about the familiarity of Jack Nicholson as a beast, a tactic that also worked wonders back when the two stars first teamed for The Witches of Eastwick. In the trailer Pfeiffer is merely seen slumbering enticingly in a nightgown. I never bought that Sleeping Beauty routine for a second. I knew the film would contain more than one beast. And sure enough, there she was in the film haughty, hostile, bitter and even in the throes of passion, no schoolgirl pushover. At the end of that film after her character Laura has been bitten by a werewolf and her course is set, they throw yellow contacts on this goddesses baby blues. It's a redundant move. You've always been able to see the beast within.

It's for all of these reasons perhaps that Catwoman is so identifiable as a career peak. Never mind that that part was not originally hers (Annette Bening backed out when she became pregnant), it's a perfect fusion of actress and material and timing. She's fully in command of all of the tools in the actors arsenal, careful character modulation, comedic timing, physical and vocal control, ferocious nerve (try doing this without looking foolish. I dare you), and playful stylizations perfectly attuned to the director's sensibility. It's a great work of performance art. Everyone remembers those clever quips, her overt cat gestures (the licking. ohhhh the licking), and her hilarious throwaway "meow." I have one special favorite moment I find too delicious. Catwoman is having a conversation with the Penguin and she's circling a bird cage in his lair. Her laser focus hypnotically shifts from Penguin to the tiny bird and it's like there is no actress at all. Only this cat, this meal, this teasing game in her head.

She's a killer.

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UPDATE: If you liked this blog-a-thon check out the two others the film experience has hosted since: Vampires (October 2006) and Action Heroines (June 2007)

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday Triple: Film to Stage

The Wedding Singer opens tonight. No, not the Adam/Drew romance sillies --that opened years ago, keep up! No it's the Broadway version of the same. This new entry into the rapidly expanding library of movies turned into Broadway shows has the same problems as the others: Blind adherence to the movie (in a stage show you don't need scene changes every two minutes, it's distracting) and a weak score ("Wedding Day," this show's main anthem, is fun but it's way too simple to be reprised continuously. It doesn't add any new flavors as it goes) and confusion about whether the actors should mimic the film versions or create a character.

This is not to say that people won't like this incarnation of the comedy. I bet it'll be a hit. The audience I saw it with went wild for its easy 80s gags. The best thing about the show is the supporting cast who are mostly better than their material. Amy Spanger makes the most of her stock role as "Holly" the best friend and Felicia Finley (remember the name, she's pictured to your left) absolutely rocks the house in her two short scenes as Robbie's skanky ex, "Linda". The leads are less enticing. Stephen Lynch is good but when in doubt he mimics Sandler. Laura Benanti is a mess and the score doesn't do her any favors. Her solos are all DOA. Following someone as effortlessly cutesy charming as Drew Barrymore has got to be a thankless task, poor thing.

As you may well know, I prefer the stage to stay legitimate. I prefer transfers to happen the other way around. But since Broadway shows costs millions and charge $100 a seat, known properties are practically the only way to go. But since I can't turn the tide, I'll at least offer some advice as to suitably transferrable properties.

Three Romantic Comedies Suitable For Broadway
Since it's Pfeiffer week here at the blog, we'll start with Married to the Mob, the wacky 1988 comedy. Mobsters have proven to be reliable comedy gold before (think Kiss Me Kate) and it's pretty easy to imagine a showstopping number with the big-haired mob wives (Joan Cusack and Mercedes Reuhl in the film version). For the Pfeiffer role, why not Broadway's own Sutton Foster who has alread proved thrice (Thoroughly Modern Millie, Little Women, and The Drowsy Chaperone) that she is an expertly physical musical comedy star.

I can't believe I'm mentioning it but What Women Want would also work. It's high concept, funny in that overarching all demographics way, and the 'hearing other people's thoughts' thing is easy on stage since the 4th wall is broken anyway. Top it off with that obviously transferrable intro number: the lead as a child / mommy and her friends as showgirls . The audience is already cheering the first "You Gotta Have a Gimmick" style opening dance number.

Replace Renee Zellweger with someone who can actually sing and dance and Bridget Jones's Diary seems like a Tony winning musical character. She's clumsy. She's funny. She's sassy. She dreams big. She falls in and out of love rapidly. And you know that the first act can close with a hot playboy bunny costumed solo.

Why is this so hard for Broadway? Multi-million dollar transfers are easy as pie.

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UPDATE: This is happening Now!

Pretty in Link

link, totally!
PopBytes on Brangelina (funny mockup)
NYT on Harlem's lack of dish. Still, I love my view.
Gilded Moose Op Ed guest takes on 'Kiki' Dunst.
Cutting Room names their #1 of 2005. Better late than nevah!
Go Fug Yourself on "Mission: Unfuggable" (3 acts)
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Glitterati on that starf***ing wildchild Shimizu

Re: Links
Here is how you do: If you see something you absolutely love here around the vast internet or right here @ the film experience, link it (should you have a site) or e-mail it to others. It's all about that missionary zeal...Tom Cruiselike only since I'm not a scary alien-worshipping cult, you're not crazy and only a few people might look at ya funny.

Spread the word. Share the Film Experience.

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Weekly Movie Horoscope

I've always wanted to write a horoscope column. Since my blog is all about pleasuring myself following my muse wherever she make take me (and hoping you're accidentally entertained in the process) I'm a doin' it. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Weekly Movie Horoscope
April 26th -May 2nd Special Pfeiffer Pfixation Edition

Aries (3.21-4.19)
You'll probably be feeling fired up for the next week with that new moon hitting. Leap but by all means, think about the leap first. Careful not to be insensitive. Your Pfeiffer Talisman: Beth Cappadora in The Deep End of the Ocean. No small children are going missing, don't worry. It's just, well, quit giving your significant other those death glares!

Taurus (4.20-5.20)
That new moon is shining just for you. Place yourself first this week and try to get a good fresh luck at things. You might be surprised to see how close everything is to falling into place. Your Pfeiffer Talisman: Michelle Pfeiffer herself! Celebrate your birthday like you're a movie star. Even if it's not for a couple of weeks start celebrating early.

Gemini (5.21-6.20)
While most of the signs are enjoying new beginnings this week, you've got to hurry and tie up some loose ends first --you're all over the place. I know because I'm one of you. Our Pfeiffer Talisman: Melanie Parker in One Fine Day. Watch out for trips and falls at work. Take a good long look at yourself in the mirror: Yep, still hot.

Cancer (6.21-7.22)
This might be a big demanding week but stay low key --under the radar even. Strike when you're good and ready. Your Pfeiffer Talisman: Isabeau in Ladyhawke. She only came out at night but my god how she looked in the moonlight. Even if you don't have an Etienne of your own, I bet you have a Mouse. Someone is protecting you.

Leo (7.23-8.22)
The next couple of days could be rough at work or school...but take heart, this weekend will provide roaring good fun. Think twice before saying yes to more demands on your time early next week. Your Pfeiffer Talisman: Jo Ann Vallenari in Tequila Sunrise. Feel free to call someone on their shit and get your freak on with someone even hotter.

Virgo (8.23-9.22)
This week will be smooth and easy but don't spend --invest and save. That's not sexy advice but that's what the stars are saying. Your Pfeiffer Talisman: Angela DeMarco in Married to the Mob. Changes are definitely coming but don't worry. Dance with a little more abandon. Live! Your fortunes will soon change for the better.

Libra (9.23-10.22)
Seek our your family this week. Surround yourself with that warmth. Good things may be ahead financially, too. Your Pfeiffer Talisman: Madame de Tourvel in Dangerous Liaisons. While Mercury is travelling through Aries stay very alert: Double check everything. Don't be gullible. Protect yourself first, than worry about others.

Scorpio (10.23-11.21)
Busy. Busy. Busy. Not that you should slow down or anything. Have at it. You love the moon and it's new so let your creative (and other) energies loose. Your Pfeiffer Talisman: Catwoman in Batman Returns. Um... you know what I said about letting loose? Now pull it back, tiger. Keep your anger and libido in check. No matter how yummy you feel.

Sagittarius (11.22-12.21)
Things feeling a bit chaotic right now? If so put on your favorite song. Hell, make a whole playlist full of them. Turn it up loud and dive into work and plans for the future. Your Pfeiffer Talisman: Ellen Olenska in Age of Innocence. A new epic all-consuming romance might feel irresistible but. but. but... extreme caution my friend!

Capricorn (12.22-1.19)
A good week to make some spiritual or creative strides as the New Moon is in Taurus. Don't get too caught up in the minutae and kill your momentum. Your Pfeiffer Talisman: Claire Spencer in What Lies Beneath. It's time to follow your curiousity wherever it may lead. Romance might be tricky this week.

Aquarius (1.20-2.18)
If you're nervous about all the chaos (internal or otherwise) rest assured that others aren't seeing it. At work or in the class room you're pretty sparkly right now. Your Pfeiffer Talisman: Sukie Ridgemont in The Witches of Eastwick. With your 5th House of Romance all lit up, you'll be feeling playful. Enjoy it but be careful what you wish for.

Pisces (2.19-3.20)
Take advantage of that New Moon. Now is the time for those changes you've been contemplating all winter. Your Pfeiffer Talisman: Titania in A Midsummer Nights Dream. While Venus is in your sign be careful with your inner drama queen --whether your wildly in love or extremely pissed (maybe with the same person?) cool down.

Make it a great week all. If you know someone who needs this cinematic/astrological advice ,please use this little e-mail post button just below. Maybe they need to focus on their Pfeiffer talisman in the worst way.

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I Think I Link You

music edition
'Wrong Side of the Tracks' Week makes me wet.
"'s Certainly Sucking" Elton's Lestat Hits Broadway
Pregnant. Again. WWTD on Britney, babies, and cartoon hippos.
Sean Preston Spears Funny fake interview @ Cracked.
"Is George Michael Still Grieving?" @ A Socialite's Life

Hug a Hot Australian

You know how some special days are a pain in the ass. All that walking in inclemate weather for causes, celebrating some obscure national event, being nice to your administrative assistant (that's harder for some than others). Well, other special days are not so tough at all.

Today is "Hug an Australian Day".

No, this one is not so difficult to get excited about. Not difficult at all. In fact this day might prove to be the best day of the week. You could say hugging an Australian is downright illuminating, enjoyable, sensuous, mood enhancing. It's good fun for all.

Hollywood loves Australia. It's one of their better chosen passions. Well done Tinseltown, keep on pilfering their goodies. How can you stop? Even less famous famous Australians are still piping hot.

What is it about the land down under? When you hug an Australian anything could happen...

You could lose your memory. You could win a dance competition. You could get caught by your dad (!) and have to introduce the hottie you're hugging. You're very likely to start lipsynching to ABBA records.

Once that Aussie hugging is in full bloom you could get physical with that hot guy at the gym, see dead people, have an adventure at sea, or win costuming Oscars.

So today consider this a virtual hug to all of our Aussie readers. If you hail from that randy movie-star birthing factory 'down under' say it in the comments and feel the love.

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American Idol: The Movie

I know this makes me uncool with tweeners & seniors but I don't get American Idol --or rather, I get it but I don't understand how it stays got. More popular every year even though it's 70% filler and there have been virtually no changes to keep it fresh. Its overwhelming success is bizarre.

So... in my valiant effort to understand the rest of the world's obsession, I'm viewing it through the only prism that ever makes any sense to me: The Movies!

The Film Experience casts..."AMERICAN IDOL: The Movie"

Taylor. My first thought was silver fox Richard Gere: Age appropriate and all. But, no, definitely too pretty. Another good lookieloo option? Joe Mantegna. But then I thought: This Taylor role is not only challenging acting & singing wise but you also gotta be able to do physical comedy. All that jerking around like you're Joe Cocker reborn or like Lily Tomlin's spirit has possessed one half of your bod--hey, wait a minute: Steve Martin! Sign him up. Pay him anything. Done.

Paris? Tough one. The actress has to be among the living (that rules out the Gilded Moose choice) and the right age range. We don't have that many African American pre-teen movie stars. [No means no, Dakota --please stop calling!]. I almost skipped this one but then a horrific memory came retching up.

Did you ever see Are We There Yet?. I saw it accidentally ("accidentally!" I repeat) and there's this scene where the little girl in the movie (Alecia Allen) does a hideous karaoke number at a birthday party. Ice Cube is her babysitter and he has to perform an excruciating reaction shot. His character must look really impressed with her character's performance. To add abject humiliation to this already embarrassing task, he even has to verify this delight audibly to himself --"wow, she's really good" or some such shit. There went that last tiny scrap of dignity he was holding on to since the heady days of Three Kings and Boyz n the Hood. Maybe a name change is in order: (Ice) Cube Gooding Jr.

Katharine. In the Idol vernacular I guess I have the "McPheever". She is hands down my favorite contestant this year, which means she'll be booted soon. One of the reasons I rarely watch is that America has horrid taste and they let the good ones go.

Hmmm. Let's see. We need an actress who can be nervous/vacant and always very very pretty while simultaneously projecting a complete lack of eroticism (perfect for that tweener/senior crowd). So, it's gotta be Katie Holmes. Very pretty but it's almost impossible to picture her actually having sex --even when she's simulating it onscreen. If problems crop up with Tom's approval Katie's availability, I'm all for casting Ginnifer Goodwin. She's a better actress. Although it is really easy to picture her having sex since she comes across as, well, a real person.

The real reason people probably watch this show though is the judges. Or more specifically the human train wreck that is Paula Abdul. You need a really top notch celebrity actress in this part. Someone who understands the precarious mental balance achieved by the perfect mix of pharmaceutical prescriptions + horny loneliness ÷ fading stardom. It has to be the Sharon Stone. Give her a tan, a dye job, and lots of screen time and maybe we got another Oscar nomination.

OK. I'm spent. I can't go on. The rest you'll have to cast yourself.

Randy, Simon, Ryan, Chris Daughtry, Elliott Yamin, and Kellie Pickler await your votes. Who should play them in this imaginary film? I await your genius comments...

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Very Brief History of... "A History of..."

Sorry kids --no regular episode this week. No Time. So instead: instant nostalgia (like one of those cheat "clip show" episodes of tired sitcoms.)

February 2006 Nathaniel goes to dinner with ModFab and like two geeky parents, they discuss their college dreams for their demanding unruly adolescent blogs. *sniffle* 'They grow up so fast.' Nathaniel then has an anniversary dinner with The Boyfriend and selfishly checks out for several minutes to jot down this "history" idea that practically drops into the dinner plate. The Boyfriend... if he's not an Oscar widow, he's a blog widow poor thing. The following week A History of Gyllenhaal debuts and is blessed from on high with Pink is the New Blog linkage. Juli's Screen Kids and a Gay Cowboy overviews follow.

March 2006 Sarah Jessica Parker from Annie to gay icon to romantic comedy star. People looked quickly away from the bald women and gender bending editions. You can't win them all.

But cornering that shifty Jodie Foster? That was fun.

April 2006 It was a total struggle to pin down that force of strange nature known as Sharon Stone but people liked it *whew* --seriously, Sharon was a bear. So Nathaniel picks on someone not his own size for the next double header: Bunny Rabbits and Dakota Fanning -- Overdose O' Cuteness. Then Nathaniel collapses.

A History Of... will return in its proper form at its normally scheduled time next Tuesday.

Tomorrow I'll bring you the debut of a new Wednesday feature that I'm really excited about. Other things on their way soon: Best of the Year So Far (Jan-April --hey, ya gotta start somewhere keeping track of favorites for end of the year honors), Summer Movie rundown, and zeee Pfeiffer blog-a-thon of course.

Confessions about Confessions

Remember back in November when it was perpetual Madonnamania here? When I wasn't regularly posting about the big M I was dancing 'round in my apartment like a damn fool to Confessions on a Dancefloor which I still totally groove to. One of my favorite redundant pleasures in this fair city is turning up "I Love New York" on my iPod whilst walking around in the very place. I've been here for 6 1/2 years and I still feel as horny for NYC as if we wuz just married.

So now my terribly uncool confession: I'm opting out of attending the new Madonna tour.

I've seen every show I could get to. I missed Blond Ambition because I was overseas and the closest pit stop was Germany and it seemed a task herculean and complex to get there from where I was. But otherwise? I've pretty much always been there. I've given her more money than I care to recall in our 22 years together. I love her more than I can describe. [if you're really curious about the extent of the love it's like the Pfeiffer pfixation --only tripled because Madonna is ALWAYS with us and has infiltrated virtually every aspect of the culture.] She's been a ubiquitous presence all throughout my life, practically a family member...well, if blood relations were ├╝berhot, genius, creative, sexy, and cool as hell. But the ticket prices are too steep for me at this juncture in my life (lots of things in flux, including employment).

My general rule of thumb for concerts and shows is I don't go unless I have a good seat. $350 was the price for Madonna (before the thieves brokers/scalpers/agencies got all of them) and for $350 I knew I could get:
31 movies. And y'know how Nathaniel loves the pictures. Or...
5-15 Broadway or OffB'Way shows. (Depending on what discounts). Or...
3 months of food. Or...
A good chunk of the rent payment. You get the picture.

I worship Madonna but I confess I couldn't part with the cash.

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Pfeiffer Watch: "Stardust"

Well, it's not quite Meryl Streep or Annette Bening's "I'll do anything!" new multi-film schedules but it seems like LaPfeiffer is finally ready to work again. Aiming for a comeback? We can dream.

Maybe she just got sick of my sobbing "where are youuuuuuuu?!?" voicemails?

In addition to I Could Never Be Your Woman which opens in late July (and which the studio claims they love) she's already filming Stardust pictured to your left. She plays the villain. In the scene they're filming there she has crazy hair and is riding in some sort of mini-chariot (which you can see a piece of in the middle picture). It's all very Tilda Swinton in Chronicles of Narnia. Hopefully not a carbon copy, though.

Any thoughts? Has anyone read this book?

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Michelle Pfeiffer is... (1991-2002)

Pfeel it. The Pfeifferian pfrenzy kicks off Thursday night around the blogosphere.

Michelle Pfeiffer is... (1982-1990)

The Pfeiffer Blog-a-Thon sneaks on Thursday night ---until then, the long dormant Pfandom page.

That Linking Feeling

A big THANK YOU to my guest bloggers: JA, Tim R, Jensen, Arden, and ModFab who kept the posts served up while i was away so that you didn't have to go hungry.

But anyway... I'm back.

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Popped Culture thinks Kirk and Spock really outta hang it up. As do I.
Queerty praises Jeff Whitty's letter to Jay Leno. As do I.
Edward Copeland on Film is taking a survey on the Best of Oscar's BP winners. There's one week left to vote. He apparently loves a list.

As do I.

Monday, April 24, 2006

A Tale Of Two Kisses

The Earth shatteringly important nominations for the MTV Movie Awards were announced today - you can see them over here.

The only part that interests me, though - Jake & Heath's nomination for Best Kiss. Because the internet's decidedly not being my friend today, I'm unable to figure out which kiss is nominated - The One In The Puptent, or The One Where Michelle Williams Catches Them Going At It Really Hard In The Stairwell (I really made those sound like the titles of forgotten Friends episodes). Anyone able to get this to work?

Not that it matters. Either kiss is sublime. Jake & Heath's competition:

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Taraji P. Henson & Terrence Howard, Hustle & Flow
Anna Faris & Chris Marquette, Just Friends
Rosario Dawson & Clive Owen, Sin City

I refuse to accept any of those as better heirs to an admittedly pointless throne.

(And with that, I fulfill my Brokeback-related posting quota. I had to get at least one in while here)

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It's Oh So Quiet! Silent Hill opens at Number One.

Arden here. Silent Hill unceremoniously de-throned Scary Movie 4 this weekend. And yet... no one will admit seeing it. No one that is except Defender of Future, my brother and fellow blogger. I rely on the Defender to up the nerdiness factor of Cinephilia and review films I wouldn't be caught dead at (i.e. films based on video games).

Here's an excerpt from the Defender's generous review:

Aside from the poor casting, [expletive] script and absolutely terrible setup, this movie really gets it done where few recent horror movies have. It's creepy, weird, unique, and it captures the feel and spirit of the videogame. I think people who are outside of the videogame generation fail to realize that most of the flavor of a game comes from the enemies, and no matter how many gimmicks you throw into a videogame movie, the thing that will really grip the audience is seeing how characters and enemies are translated into the medium. You can't make Pac-Man without the damn GHOSTS!

Click here to read the entire review.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Supporting Actress Sunday

Nathaniel speaking.

Do you miss me? I'm sorry to tease. I'm not really back. I'm back on Tuesday. But I was previously scheduled to appear at Stinky Lulu Sez today so this post was pre-created for your pleasure.

The following video is only suitable for viewing by Oscar obsessives. Seriously.

After watching head on over to Stinky's Supporting Actress Smackdown!: a three-pronged discussion of these five Oscar-nominated performances of 1958; the ditzy secretary, the hotelier, the schoolteacher, a lonely heart, and a horny hillbilly. It's all part of the first month of "Supporting Actress Sunday"

Back to the full Film Experience Blog

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