Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Confessions about Confessions

Remember back in November when it was perpetual Madonnamania here? When I wasn't regularly posting about the big M I was dancing 'round in my apartment like a damn fool to Confessions on a Dancefloor which I still totally groove to. One of my favorite redundant pleasures in this fair city is turning up "I Love New York" on my iPod whilst walking around in the very place. I've been here for 6 1/2 years and I still feel as horny for NYC as if we wuz just married.

So now my terribly uncool confession: I'm opting out of attending the new Madonna tour.

I've seen every show I could get to. I missed Blond Ambition because I was overseas and the closest pit stop was Germany and it seemed a task herculean and complex to get there from where I was. But otherwise? I've pretty much always been there. I've given her more money than I care to recall in our 22 years together. I love her more than I can describe. [if you're really curious about the extent of the love it's like the Pfeiffer pfixation --only tripled because Madonna is ALWAYS with us and has infiltrated virtually every aspect of the culture.] She's been a ubiquitous presence all throughout my life, practically a family member...well, if blood relations were ├╝berhot, genius, creative, sexy, and cool as hell. But the ticket prices are too steep for me at this juncture in my life (lots of things in flux, including employment).

My general rule of thumb for concerts and shows is I don't go unless I have a good seat. $350 was the price for Madonna (before the thieves brokers/scalpers/agencies got all of them) and for $350 I knew I could get:
31 movies. And y'know how Nathaniel loves the pictures. Or...
5-15 Broadway or OffB'Way shows. (Depending on what discounts). Or...
3 months of food. Or...
A good chunk of the rent payment. You get the picture.

I worship Madonna but I confess I couldn't part with the cash.

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Anonymous said...

You'll be back next time. I missed Reinvention, so I was horny as a hound (they're horny right?) when the dates were announced.

Somehow I feel less ripped off when I know I'm being ripped off. Odd logic, I know, but it helps me and my bank manager get through the day.


Glenn Dunks said...


I love Madonna but she's a LIAR!!!

adam k. said...

So will you still be going to see Rufus at Carnegie Hall? That is like a once in a lifetime opportunity... I, sadly, have not yet gotten tickets and now it's probably too late... it's that my summer plans are still in flux, plus it's lots of money. But man oh man. I should still try to go.