Saturday, April 01, 2006

48 is the new 34

I have not yet seen Basic Instinct 2 but you know I'm gonna. I hope it's so bad it's great. But if I read one more comment about how Sharon Stone is too old to take her clothes off I'm gonna freaking explode. This woman is hot. Yes, she's been frighteningly off her rocker lately. But many of the comments in the media and internet just reek of ageism and sexism. Look at this woman! Every 48 year-old on the planet wished they looked this hot.

You know who else is turning 48 this year?
Madonna. reinvents hotness every couplea years. Do you look as good in a skintight leotard? Yeah. Thought not.
Holly Hunter. one of the best bodies in the business. any age. Plus jaw-droppingly inspired as an actor.
Andie MacDowell. (obviously signed a deal with the devil. never ages)
Michelle Pfeiffer. über hot. pforever.

Don't anybody tell me 48 year-old movie stars aren't hot. Argh!


Molly Malone said...

I'd like to look that hot now and I'm under 30!

And let's be real: if she DID have a few extra pounds on her - like 5 or 10 - would that seriously make her less come-hither than she currently is? She's walking sex no matter what age she is. It's Sharon Stone!

NicksFlickPicks said...

I am all about the hotness of women in their 40s and 50s, etc. But I do have to say, having seen the movie yesterday, Stone's "look" in it is a totally different animal than the Stone we see on the red carpet, or even the Stone in something as recent as Broken Flowers. It isn't the age that's the stumbling-block, I don't think, but the horsetail haircut, the bronzing of her skin, the freezing of her facial features, etc., that's freaking people out. I think Manohla Dargis hit closest to the truth in describing a fatal combo between Stone's own monkeying with her face and the BI2 creative team's seeming commitment to shooting her badly. But Stone in BI2 ain't a comfortable sight. My 2¢.

adam k. said...

Yeah I dunno what Stone's doing, but it's clearly working for her. She actually looks a lot like Natasha Henstritch in the photo in the post.

I haven't been freaked out by Stone's botox or skin or hair... hmm... usually I am with people... but she's seemed pretty fine... maybe I need to see BI2.

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing it tomorrow, and I can't wait. I've read several reviews which indeed suggest it's the most enjoyably bad film in years, and I even ventured back to Ebert's site for the first time since Black Sunday, and - who'd have thunk it - he's in on the joke too (go figure).

P.S. Does anyone else think Stone in Basic Instinct should've been Oscar nommed? I'd have placed her 3rd that year behind Thompson and McDonnell.



rob --i'm cool on Stone's work in general (never understood the fuss over her BI performance which to me seemed fairly standard amoral evil vixen --and don't get me started on her overwrought Casino star turn) but she definitely has A+++ star presence and beauty. and she's lots of fun on the red carpet which is an important movie star thing ;)

Nick --I hear you but I still think age has a LOT to do with it. I mean, just one example: Premiere magazine was even taking potshots at Pfeiffer when Batman Returns came out ("well, she's not getting any younger!" in their "power list" comments) and she was all of 34 at the time. And a lot of the "put your clothes back on comments I've read were in the past few weeks before anyone had actually seen the movie in question. Maybe she looks bad in it. I will see...

molly --i think all the actresses should gain 10 lbs (to me Kate Winslet is SO much sexier than her peers) but we seem to be in the minority.

adam k. said...

I will never understand how Stone won the globe for Casino over Shue and especially Sarandon, who has still never won a globe and now probably never will.

John T said...

I agree that actresses should put on the ten pounds (or in Gwyneth's case, maybe twenty), but the real reaction I got from this was:


How is that possible-she barely looks 30-the woman has looked the same for two decades. It's insane!

Glenn Dunks said...

I'd like Andie more if she made better movies. God, she's annoying.

On the matter of Sharon, I'm at two minds about her. I really like her, I think she has talent, but if she thinks movies like Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction (wtf is with that?) and Catwoman are gonna make her a star again then she's deluded (even moreso than we know she is).

And if she can't be a star, she could at least work with directors who could get good performances out of a stone, let alone someone talented such as Stone herself. I, personally, love her Casino perf (not over Shue mind you, and I haven't seen Dead Man Walking) and she was apparently pretty good in Broken Flowers. Plus, I really liked her in The Muse, so sue me. Her original Basic perf is fun.

Agism, I think, is playing a part though. It doesn't help that she has OBVIOUSLY had plastic surgery and so when she comes out saying older women can't be sexy, that she's being counterproductive because she LOOKS like that because of the work doctors have done for her.

However, a lot of my friends complained about Madonna straddling that boombox in her "Hung Up" video - my response? "If I look that good with I'm 48, I'd be sexually gyrating against a boombox any change I got!"

Anonymous said...

Problem with Andie MacDowell (who truly does look faboo, by the way) is that she is not a very good actress, pure and simple. There are only two movies I have ever seen her in where she didn't seem completely bland and wooden: "Sex, Lies, and Videotape" and "Green Card" (and it has been more than 15 years since both of them). "Four Weddings and a Funeral" was a charming film, which a dismally miscast Andie MacDowell nearly ruined for me. Just goes to show you that even in this, arguably her best film (with a first-rate director, no less), she is still as uninteresting as always. Let's face it, Andie MacDowell and better movies do not mix.


Anonymous said...

madonna is the queen she just keeps getting hotter and michelle well just take a look at her she's stunning i totally agree with ya nathaniel...