Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mustachioed Humpie

Nathaniel only thinks that Hump Day Hottie is going away. I decided that as my first act as a guest blogger I would try to make Wednesday the day to champion...

the Mature Man
the Man with Meat on his Bones
the Moustached Man
With that let's talk about Nikita Mikhalkov.

Many of you may be familiar with Mikhalkov's work as director and star in the Oscar Award winning Burnt By the Sun. Mikhalkov's sexual presence in the movie is stunning, especially considering the youth and beauty of his co-stars.

My favorite film of his, however, has received little attention, beyond the fact that it was the first Russian (that is not Soviet) film ever to be nominated for Best Foreign Film. Urga, (or Close to Eden, in its US release), tells the story of a nomadic Mongolian family. The wife fed up with the crowded conditions in their yurt, gives her husband an ultimatum. He must go to the city come back with condoms.

His quest takes him to China, but he cannot bring himself to buy condoms. He returns instead with a Television strapped to his horse. What follows is a beautiful meditation on family, masculinity, media and culture. Its photography of the Mongolian steppes alone is worth hunting it down in VHS.


Middento said...

I cannot tell you how THRILLED I am that someone is writing about Close to Eden! I actually have a poster of the film and think it is a brilliant little movie. And I'm not even usually a fan of Russian cinema! (I save that obsession for Latin America, haha...)

Anyway, thanks -- and welcome!

Anonymous said...

Urga is wonderful. I second the recommendation.