Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Jensen: The Best Friend Guest

So, I was on a date with Nathaniel R. (In fact, it was my first date ever with a person of the penis persuasion.) It was 1994. Somehow the conversation came around to our favorite movie image of the past year. It's not hard to guess that Nathaniel came up with that piece of dating chit-chat.

Anyway we both agreed that our favorite was the hole in Holly Hunter's glove in The Piano. It was magic. We knew at that moment that we were meant in each other's lives.

Unfortunately, we thought that that meant in each others' pants. The pants were not to be--to be gotten into, that is.

Twelve years later, Nathaniel asked me to do a little writing for him. Blogging is entirely new to me. I spend my creative energies writing poems for no one to read. Many successful poems are not unlike successful blog posts: short, obsessive, with strong attachments to images. Like breath, with both bad blogs and bad poetry, it's always hard to tell when your own stinks.

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Anonymous said...

I agree: What is more sensual than the click of Hunter's metal prosthetic finger on the piano keys?