Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pfirst Reminder

The Pfeiffer Blog-A-Thon is just two weeks away. Let me know by e-mail if you're partipating...

If you're just here to read, I promise enjoyment. The list of participants is getting high like Elvira. They'll throw you blogcandy like Louanne. They'll be makin web whoopee for Susie. It should provide some really fun / interesting commentary and maybe you'll discover a new blogger or three that you'll fall hard for. Be here on the morning of April 28th for the big list 'o' posts.


Anonymous said...


You are so awesome for doing this. Michelle needs a career resurgence and an effusion of love from all of her doting pfans.

I will be there, dressed to kill (lol). Keep up the good work, man.


Glenn Dunks said...

So what is it we'll be doing again? Our own big post about Pfeiffer? Any topic as long as it's ABOUT her?


exactly. anything pfeiffer. you can
investigate one performance
talk about her career
a role you wish she'd take
her hair
whatevs... be creative just a post on La Pfeiffer. anything regarding pfeiffer