Saturday, April 15, 2006

Marie-Say What?

Say What Saturday!

I asked you to entertain me for a change and make up dialogue to accompany this movie still. I couldn't pic just one to illustrate. I loved them all. These two made me laugh the most though...

This one totally caught me offguard --submitted by Neel Mehta

The funniest au courant came from John T

But read the comments. The others are fun too. I wanted to illustrate them all but I must sleep!


Anonymous said...

Kirstan: I have to take a shit
Davis: Quiet! Sofia is coming
Kirstan: Fuck this-Im going in my pants... Nnn. Nnnnn!...NNNNN!!!!!
Davis: ah jeezzzuss, and you expect to be nominated this year.
Kirstan: why don't you bite me JUDITH, your just pissed off because your OLD, and because you regret switching to television. After Im done shitting Im going to get a cheeseburger n' watching Interview With a Vampire.

Neel Mehta said...

I'm six years removed from that cheerleader movie, and I still have to carry a pompom.

John T said...

Kirsten: OK, so what if he's going to Lakers games with him and he's letting him pet his puggle? I mean, when he asked me to describe what it was like to kiss Brad Pitt, that was just curiousity, right? Right?

Judy: I lost to Marisa Tomei and Sally Field? The flying nun and a girl who got third billing in a Nancy Meyers film? Calm down Judy, calm down, at least you don't have it as bad as Annette.

Mary: I wonder if Dad will be able to set me up with Orlando Bloom? Or at least Alan Rickman.

Anonymous said...

Kirsten: Who farted?
Judy: Not me.
Mary: Me neither.
Kirsten: Lying bitches.

Glenn Dunks said...

Judy: Reese, wasn't Legally Blonde 2 bad enough? Stop. With. The. Pink.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Stealing some colors from Chloe hadn't helped; one day, Santino would have to face the fact that no one looked comfortable in his daywear.

Dr. S said...

"Tsk. Didn't you get the note? *No one* is wearing black this year."


Anonymous said...

Kirsten: My posse isn't bad, but I wish I could figure out where Gwen Stefani found those Japanese girls.

Anonymous said...

Dunst: I better get a nomination for this!

Davis: Shut up! I'm the one overdue!

Girl in the left: At least people know your names!

Anonymous said...

Kirsten: If only Kermit was here to see me.