Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bunnies! Nutty Movie Stars! Drag Queens!

WEEK IN REVIEW: In case you missed anything or are just joining us...

List Happy Star-F***ing
The Top 100 Actors of the Aughts Countdown resumed w/ 10 more guys. More lists? The year-in-advance Oscar pages were completed. And your guesses, too. It's all right here. I also fessed up to five classics I haven't yet seen. But all anybody cares about is the big stars. Like Heath Ledger. I wasn't the only one confused about "World Heath Day" -whole magazines were recalled. Oh and I made like "Cathy Whitaker" when I visited Connecticut.

Looney Tunes
In light of the constant TomKat news our minds travelled back to Scientology skewering Bowfinger. Remember when Tom was just an actor? But speaking of lunacy...what were Pfeiffer, Midler, and Wood thinking when they turned down these roles? And no 'certifiable' watch is complete without Mel Gibson. But who is looniest? The moviegoing public.

Say What? Contest w/ Marie-Antoinette
Lars Von Trier's muddy Dogville xerox, Manderlay.
10 Reasons to Love Jake Gyllenhaal. As if you needed it explained.
Kinky Boots and other drag divas.
HAPPY EASTER! ... "A History of Bunnies"


Anonymous said...

I've gotta say, I'm surprised at the number of people predicting widespread attention for The Departed. Even if it's good, it's likely to be too actiony (a la Heat) for them to take it seriously. I'm still pissed about Miramax's handling of Infernal Affairs.

Random irony thought: wouldn't it be hilarious if Martin Scorsese and Robert de Niro were nominated for director and de Niro won? That would put Scorsese's loss record to one journeyman (Barry Levinson), one legend (Roman Polanski) and three actor turned directors (Robert Redford, Kevin Costner, de Niro).


four actors turned directors --Eastwood too.

Anonymous said...

You mean I can't pretend that didn't happen?

Glenn Dunks said...

I've been thinking about that since I did my predix a while ago.

But not every Scorsese movie has been nominated. People seem to forget that after Goodfellas it wasn't until Gangs that he got another Best Director nomination (or Best Picture nom for one of his films).

I just don't think The Departed is gonna be a non-factor in the Oscars. There have been plenty of other all-star action thrillers from acclaimed directors that have missed. If it's good and gets some oscar play then good for him, but I just can't see it getting more than maybe a couple of tech nods. Editing? It's not period either so costume, production, etc don't seem feasible.

However, it would be such cruel irony if Scorsese and DeNiro were nominated that DeNiro would win. The man that got DeNiro an Oscar for Best Actor and everything....