Tuesday, April 25, 2006

That Linking Feeling

A big THANK YOU to my guest bloggers: JA, Tim R, Jensen, Arden, and ModFab who kept the posts served up while i was away so that you didn't have to go hungry.

But anyway... I'm back.

And now: Current links I feel thisclose to.
Popped Culture thinks Kirk and Spock really outta hang it up. As do I.
Queerty praises Jeff Whitty's letter to Jay Leno. As do I.
Edward Copeland on Film is taking a survey on the Best of Oscar's BP winners. There's one week left to vote. He apparently loves a list.

As do I.


Ramification said...

Welcome back, your guest bloggers did an excellent job of filling in. I am sort of excited about the new Trek film if only because I have faith in JJ Abrams abilities. Hopefully MI:3 will not shatter that faith but for now I'd like to stay optimistic.

poppedculture said...

You have some wonderful guest bloggers - we should all be so lucky to leave our sites in such capable hands.