Monday, April 17, 2006

Observant You. Absent Me.

You will notice in the upper-right hand corner that my pic has disappeared to make room for a list of names. Don't panic. This is still my stomping ground but I have some pressing personal matters to attend to. In my absence (April 19th through Monday April 24th) I've asked three blogfriends and two actual living breathing ones (hey, the other three could be simulated by machines or operating under multiple identities --it's the internet, who knows?) to come by and keep you entertained. I thank them in advance for generous donations of their time, enthusiasm, and wit.

(in alpha order) you'll be hearing from...
Arden (Cinephilia). We share an affinity for filthy thoughts about Warren Beatty circa 1961. Plus I dig chicks who wear glasses.
Gabriel (ModFab). Who you should already know and love. If you don't what's wrong with you?
JA (My New Plaid Pants). Because he makes me laugh and also to pull him away from that Brokeback DVD.
Jensen My best friend. He doesn't have a blog (damn him!) so I'm forcing him to play on mine.
Tim R --no relation-- (Mainly Movies). This is an elaborate ploy to get him to post more since we hang on each word.

I'll be here tomorrow though and will probably pop in once during the week. Stay with us!