Friday, April 21, 2006

Arden's Inbox. re: Harry Potter

I was just forwarded this email from my good pal, Lauren (non-blogger but Gilded Moose fanatic). It's from her baby-sitting charge, "Ben", aged 7.

Hi Lauren-

I have a Harry Potter theory.... In Book #7 Harry will kill Voldemort but then Harry will also die, because Harry can't live without Voldemort and Voldemort can't live without Harry. They are part of each other. What do you think?

PS I'm almost done reading Order of the Phoenix again.


Very astute. Makes me wish I sat on babies more.

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Anonymous said...

They're definitely connected, so I have a feeling that Harry will die. But I feel it will be more of Harry sacrificing himself rather than just dying after Voldemort dies. I thought about it a lot in all my moments of dorkiness and decided Harry couldn't be the last Horcrux, but still, the boy must die. I mean the whole seires revolves around people sacrificing themselves for Harry, so it's only appropriate he returns the favor at the end.


Anonymous said...

Can you even imagine, the several liters of children's tears shed all around the world if Harry dies? ;)

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