Sunday, April 09, 2006

Awareness of April Month

I am so sorry my information-hungry readers! I totally forgot my duty of educating you on the special properties of this specific month. What would you ever do without me? I bet you totally haven't been celebrating appropriately. As soon as you read this, get to it.

April doesn't spread itself as thin as March (God, March was a whore, wasn't it?) but did you know that April is...

Alcohol Awareness Month

National Parkinson's Awareness Month

National Occupational Therapy Month

(that post)

National Autism Awareness Month

Now you know so much more about April than your neighbor. Live out the rest of the month accordingly.


Glenn Dunks said...

Love the Passion Fish one.

April is also a big month in Australia. We not only have the Good Friday Appeal (the largest telethon ever (not really) that makes $10mil every year from just one state for the Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital. it's totally a good cause but the telethon (that lasts ALL. DAY.) is littered with annoying C grade celebrities. Boo.

But other that that we had National Walk Safely To School Day. I celebrated appriately. No, i didn't walk safely to school (i didn't have school that day) but I made a Top 5 list of movies tha revolve around walking. Cause I like lists.

John T said...

I didn't know you liked Michael J. Fox.

adam k. said...

Neither did I.

Glenn Dunks said...

I though everyone liked him. Like, it's a law or something, right?