Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pretty in Link

link, totally!
PopBytes on Brangelina (funny mockup)
NYT on Harlem's lack of dish. Still, I love my view.
Gilded Moose Op Ed guest takes on 'Kiki' Dunst.
Cutting Room names their #1 of 2005. Better late than nevah!
Go Fug Yourself on "Mission: Unfuggable" (3 acts)
Coffee Coffee and... on the dreamy L'Atalante.
Glitterati on that starf***ing wildchild Shimizu

Re: Links
Here is how you do: If you see something you absolutely love here around the vast internet or right here @ the film experience, link it (should you have a site) or e-mail it to others. It's all about that missionary zeal...Tom Cruiselike only since I'm not a scary alien-worshipping cult, you're not crazy and only a few people might look at ya funny.

Spread the word. Share the Film Experience.


Yaseen Ali said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

Glenn Dunks said...

I'm always linking. It makes it look as if I'm actually posting when really I'm just regurgitating what is said in the link! It's magic, really.