Monday, April 24, 2006

It's Oh So Quiet! Silent Hill opens at Number One.

Arden here. Silent Hill unceremoniously de-throned Scary Movie 4 this weekend. And yet... no one will admit seeing it. No one that is except Defender of Future, my brother and fellow blogger. I rely on the Defender to up the nerdiness factor of Cinephilia and review films I wouldn't be caught dead at (i.e. films based on video games).

Here's an excerpt from the Defender's generous review:

Aside from the poor casting, [expletive] script and absolutely terrible setup, this movie really gets it done where few recent horror movies have. It's creepy, weird, unique, and it captures the feel and spirit of the videogame. I think people who are outside of the videogame generation fail to realize that most of the flavor of a game comes from the enemies, and no matter how many gimmicks you throw into a videogame movie, the thing that will really grip the audience is seeing how characters and enemies are translated into the medium. You can't make Pac-Man without the damn GHOSTS!

Click here to read the entire review.


tim r said...

I had to review it. Thankfully I was paid.

~C4Chaos said...

that's a good synopis. i agree. most of the critics are NOT gamers, so they better shut the hell up and just admit that they didn't understand the movie. hey, Roger Ebert admitted it ;)

here's my review. and no, i wasn't paid. i even paid non-matinee to see this wonderul crap ;)

Glenn Dunks said...

my Canadian friend saw and said it was really quite awful but actually fun to watch...

sorta like Resident Evil

Anonymous said...

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