Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Very Brief History of... "A History of..."

Sorry kids --no regular episode this week. No Time. So instead: instant nostalgia (like one of those cheat "clip show" episodes of tired sitcoms.)

February 2006 Nathaniel goes to dinner with ModFab and like two geeky parents, they discuss their college dreams for their demanding unruly adolescent blogs. *sniffle* 'They grow up so fast.' Nathaniel then has an anniversary dinner with The Boyfriend and selfishly checks out for several minutes to jot down this "history" idea that practically drops into the dinner plate. The Boyfriend... if he's not an Oscar widow, he's a blog widow poor thing. The following week A History of Gyllenhaal debuts and is blessed from on high with Pink is the New Blog linkage. Juli's Screen Kids and a Gay Cowboy overviews follow.

March 2006 Sarah Jessica Parker from Annie to gay icon to romantic comedy star. People looked quickly away from the bald women and gender bending editions. You can't win them all.

But cornering that shifty Jodie Foster? That was fun.

April 2006 It was a total struggle to pin down that force of strange nature known as Sharon Stone but people liked it *whew* --seriously, Sharon was a bear. So Nathaniel picks on someone not his own size for the next double header: Bunny Rabbits and Dakota Fanning -- Overdose O' Cuteness. Then Nathaniel collapses.

A History Of... will return in its proper form at its normally scheduled time next Tuesday.

Tomorrow I'll bring you the debut of a new Wednesday feature that I'm really excited about. Other things on their way soon: Best of the Year So Far (Jan-April --hey, ya gotta start somewhere keeping track of favorites for end of the year honors), Summer Movie rundown, and zeee Pfeiffer blog-a-thon of course.


adam k. said...

Oooh... "A History Of..." has finally gone meta.

Anonymous said...

and thus it is that I'm most often dressed in black. Oh the sad and lonely life of the spouse of an important opinion-maker.

Neel Mehta said...

If you plan to write A History of Tom Cruise next, I encourage it and look forward to reading it.

Bear in mind, however, that I've already done a corrupt variation: The History of Psychiatry, according to Tom Cruise.