Friday, April 14, 2006

Little Cate. Notorious Bettie. Fiery Tom.

Considering this is a film blog I should probably be a little more descriptive on Fridays as to the new choices tempting you. So here goes. [Speak up if you likey and want a rundown each Friday]

In Theaters: At Least on the Coasts
Kekexili. From China. Passed over for Oscar submission last year when they went with The Promise instead (still unreleased because, you know, The Brothers Weinstein bought it.)
I Am a Sex Addict an indie comedy.
Hard Candy It stars this man. That's all I need to know.
Kinky Boots already bitched about it. Don't bother.
The Notorious Bettie Page which is the most bosomy buzzy of the new titles. It's the film wherein Gretchen Mol, she of the inexplicably plentiful Vanity Fair covers gets her last chance to prove herself as a movie star. Early word suggests that she (finally) does.
In Multiplexes.
Scary Movie 4 arrives. This is officially a Police Academy thing, now, right?
The Wild Somehow missed this altogether when I initially published my animated contenders page. Could we have enough toons released to see 5 Oscar nominee slots again?

New to DVD Earlier This Week
Bugsy Malone A must for Jodie Foster fans. See also: A History Of...
Little Fish Tiny Cate Blanchett who came and went in an eyeblink.
M:I-2 Hilariously homo (click for my ancient overly caffeinated review)
Wolf Creek One of those horror movies that excited cineastes. I'm too scared.


John T said...

The Promise is listed on imdb as having a limited release date of May 5th in the U.S.-hopefully that sticks!

Anonymous said...

I hope I could see Little Fish, but I don't think it will arrive in Brazil... Some called her best perf., and thet's a hard thing to top!!!

Glenn Dunks said...

*raises hand* I've seen Little Fish! It's an alright movie that has some of the finest performances of the year. Cate Blanchett is indeed very very good (definitely a Top 3 of all time for her I think), Hugo Weaving is great, even people like Martin Henderson and Dustin Nguyen (of "21 Jump Street" fame) are good. However, for me, the real star was Noni Hazlehurst. Making her triumphant return to the cinema. it was totally worth her being gone for, like, 15 years. Like Jane Fonda... just better than Monster-in-Law!

I cannot wait to see The Notorious Bettie Page. I actually like Gretchen Mol (for some reason) and it's directed by Mary Harron (ya know, responsible for the masterpiece American Psycho)

Wolf Creek is a definite worthy rental for people who like the genre. Definitely one of the most sadistically horrific movies I've ever seen. Also helps that it's based on "real events" that are some of the creepiest I've ever read about.

I love that Bugsy Malone has a special edition! Scott Baio can get some kick-ass royalty checks hopefully.

Nick M. said...

I'm in Manhattan -- and am near the Angelika -- so I'm making a consideration to catch a matinee of Hard Candy. The response has been terribly mixed, so far, though -- so this isn't guaranteed.

I opted to see the re-issue of Malick's Days of Heaven at the Film Forum tonight.

If anyone has the chance to see it there this week, please take advantage of the opportunity; hopefully you will not regret it (even if you end up disliking the film -- which I hope you wouldn't -- the film is aesthetically accomplished enough to warrant a big screen viewing and 10 dollar ticket).

Glenn Dunks said...

Nick, funny you should mention Days of Heaven... check out my blog!

I just read Nat's review of Mission Impossible 2 and... whoa. That's really quite bizarre. Foreboding, even.

Oh, and I sorta want to see Hard Candy but apparently it's a tough watch. But it does have Sandra Oh(!) in it... but apparently it's for all of about 2 minutes. :(