Monday, April 10, 2006

Three From Germany

I promised more international coverage this year. So I'll be giving you quick peeks at foreign-language cinema when I can manage. Today's post concerns Deutschland. There's more to German cinema than Run Lola Run. Here are three new trailers for your viewing pleasure. These films have international breakthrough potential so keep an eye out.

1. Requiem
This film won Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival. previous link to discussion of this film in case you missed it over at mainly movies
2. Das Leben Der Anderen
The film which received the most nominations at Germany's own Oscars.
3. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
This film is in English and a multi-national production so it definitely won't be Oscar Foreign Film eligible but feel free to be excited about it. It looks fascinating / creepy and we've seen fine work from German auteur Tom Tykwer in the past: Run Lola Run, The Princess and the Warrior, and Heaven are among his past projects.

* Thanks to Patrick for some of this info.


Anonymous said...


Watched the trailer for "Parfum," and it is brilliant. Creepy, atmospheric and seductive, all at once. Can't wait for this one. Good choice.


Glenn Dunks said...

I still need to see The Princess and the Warrior. I'm a fan of Tykwer's other movies so I don't know why I haven't. Perfumealso looks good.