Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bowfinger Knew Best: 'TomKat' & 'Celestia' Premonitions

So we all know Tom Cruise is cuckoo for cocopuffs but last night I was watching this Steve Martin tribute on TV and they showed a clip from Bowfinger, that Hollywood comedy he did with Eddie Murphy in 1999.

The most obvious real life target at the time (to me) was Heather Graham's character. She equalled Celestia herself, Anne Heche. Rumor had it that the breakup with Steve Martin (before the Ellen Degeneres whirlwind and Heche's Celestia crackup) was not at all amicable and he was working it out onscreen. I also recall totally registering that MindHead, the celebrity cult run by Terence Stamp was an obvious stand-in for Scientology. But now it's clearer still: that absolutely paranoid, alien-fearing, bonkers action movie star played by Eddie Murphy? You know who!

The continuing TomKat lunacy is making me want to give Bowfinger another look.

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Glenn Dunks said...

I liked Bowfinger at the time (I was, what? 13?) But maybe another look is on the cards. I did like it. Very funny i thought. The bit in the parking lot gets me every time.

Anonymous said...

"Bowfinger was a brilliantly subversive comedy. I usually don't dig Heather Graham, but she was perfect for her part. I do *heart* Anne Heche, on the other hand.