Friday, April 07, 2006

Mel. Back in the Good Old Days

So as an original member of the Loyal Order of the Gilded Moose I felt a pang of guilt today on "Nice Friday" that I just trashed Mel Gibson.

As penance I display this picture of Mel with Diane Keaton in the undervalued Mrs. Soffel from the 1980s. Yes, Mel really did look like that. For all of you youngsters out there: This is why the world became obsessed with him. Not this movie. This face.

Before the crazy bearded 'i'm as looney as Tom Cruise and I didn't even need Scientology!' evangelical auteur days, he was just a gorgeous and talented movie actor. Good times.


Glenn Dunks said...

aah yes. Haven't seen this particular movie but I've seen the likes of Gallipoli (ya know, the gay romance movie disguised as a war film - I'm adament about that) and he is very dreamy.

He was still a good looking man until he decided to grow the beard. Weird that as soon as both Mel and Tom went mad they both became instantly unattractive.

Anonymous said...

I only realised what an absolute hottie Mel Gibson was when I saw The Year of Living Dangerously on TCM the other week - what a beautiful man!

As an added bonus in the film, you have one of the finest performances ever to win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in Linda Hunt's gender-bending turn. Although I haven't seen category fraud quite like it before - she's in almost every scene!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Soffel was so awful, although, yes, Mel was beautiful.

But he was also beautiful in much better movies like Gallipoli, Year of Living Dangerously and Tim.

Mel conforms to that long line of male actors uneasy with their career choice. Others have turned to booze. Mel chose religion. I suspect he's got a casting couch in his past that he can't live with.

Jason Adams said...

Mel in that leather outfit in the original Mad Max made me gay.

Shame he turned into such a psychopath.