Monday, April 17, 2006

Alan and Cyndi and Nellie...Oh My!

In just six days I will be seeing the new Broadway production of Threepenny Opera with Alan Cumming and Nellie McKay. But the reason I'm practically hyperventilating with excitement is the presence of the astounding Cyndi Lauper who has almost made it into a Broadway show on several occassions....forever tantalizing me with this possible collision of two things I love: Herself plus showtunes!

If you don't love Cyndi, the mass media of this country has done you a monumental disservice. For the past two decadese they've done their best to treat her like a novelty act when she's had as strong a discography as anyone and her voice still sounds fabu. I cannot wait to see this.


chofer said...

Well Nat, the media called her THE NEXT BIG THING when she came out (and MADONNA a novelty act, remember?)
So the media IS NOT always right, is it?

But I have a bad nostalgic feeling about all this; it's like reading an old magazine featuring CYNDY as the next big show in VEGAS!!
Will people CARE about her??

A question: Does she STILL look like a junkie?? Or is it just her make up??

Anonymous said...

Cyndi is GREAT in Threepenny. Brilliantly great.

The rest of it? Not so much.

poppedculture said...

Is she playing Pirate Jenny? If so, I'm guessing Cumming is Mack the Knife. I love Threepenny opera.

Anonymous said...

Love me some Cyndi. She bops.