Friday, February 11, 2005

pass it on!

Click the link above and place yourself into the timeline of cinematic history. What was all the rage when you were a pre-teen? How young do you think Haley Joel Osment is and how much of a geezer does Zsa Zsa Gabor seem from your vantage point?


Anonymous said...

Goodness...I feel young! Only Haley is younger than me, and only by a little over a year.

Jeez louise.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel! Please please please update your Oscar pages! It's less than 2 weeks until the big night and I have no idea who you think is going to win in all the difficult technical categories this year. Oscar season is no fun without you keeping your stuff updated, so please try to do it this week maybe? Once that's up we can all argue about the final picks for winners...can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Only Osment is younger than me on that list too. I am on par with two oscar nominees though. I might be older than Catalina Sandino; IMDb only lists her birth year. And Natalie Portman is only 1 day older than me.


Anonymous said...

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