Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Joss & Eliza

I use to get through Mondays by saying to myself 'self, tonight you get to meet your friends for Buffy at the Urge.' But then we stopped going. And Mondays become more dull. So last night had a little ressurection of my previous Monday haunt and watched Angel. I don't really 'get' Angel the series the way I got what Joss Whedon was always doing with Buffy. Probably my loss. But last night was two 'guest-starring Faith' episodes (...with one special appearance by Willow!) so I enjoyed nonetheless.

Why don't they just cancel Tru Calling already and let Eliza Dushku free to do Whedon's rumored Faithseries. I would be SO there. I know Whedon is doing Hollywood right now but I love "Faith" as a character way more than I'll ever love Wonder Woman. You know?

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Joe R. said...

Seriously, they haven't cancelled "Tru" yet? Eliza must be set free! And able to spread her ambisexual brand of whiskey-voiced titillation to newer, better projects.

Of course, the original plan for the "Faith" spinoff would have been to pair her with SPIKE. So . . . maybe it was for the best that that one fell through.