Thursday, March 24, 2005

Stage Magnolias

Tried to watch this on Broadway last night. Only made it halfway through. It was just so lifeless to me. Whether that's because I know the movie too well or because this particular staging was uninspired or the cast was all wrong, I'm still trying to figure out. Mostly it just wasn't funny. And the first half should be really funny. The line readings seemed very off. Like a high school play with actors waiting to have each other's lines end before they spoke their own. Not very interactive/natural. At least for the first half I was not impressed --maybe it got better? But, Delta Burke is no Dolly Parton. And there's no getting around that for her and for most of this cast.

So I came home and settled into Once & Again again with the blanket around me (my apartment is suddenly like ice -damn landlord!) and the cat on my lap. How domesticated is that?! Still, if you need comfort, take it. Nothing better than warmth when you're cold.

I still haven't seen the new Woody Allen. argh.


NicksFlickPicks said...

Marsha Mason? Frances Sternhagen? Bad?


Sterhagen gets my "best in show" for the first half. She and Ebersole seem to be the only ones who weren't intimidated by memories of the material. OK, Gayheart seemed clueless as to what Julia Roberts famously did with Shelby...but then she seemed clueless in general.

Mason also, I am sad to report, didn't seem to know where Ouiser's jokes were. "I have more money than God" didn't even provoke minor giggles in a theater laughing ritualistically at all the funny lines --even if they weren't funny in this particular staging.

I'm so curious to see what kind of reviews this gets.

Anonymous said...

How could you leave though? Granted, it was bad, but you paid good money non?

Call me a stickler, but if I paid money I'd stick around.

And, hell, I've known things that have gotten much better second halves than the first.

But, whatever floats your boat.

I have a question though. Have you commented on the movie "Since Otar Left" anywhere? I saw it the other day and would love to know what you think. I know it was nominated for Best Ending in your awards (very nice ending indeed) but wondered what else you though. None of the acting tickled your fancy? Didn't like the quite original screenplay (was it original?).




I didn't pay for Magnolias... hence the leaving. Plus I was bone-tired as I'm working ridiculous hours at my day job these days.

Theater exit at intermission (sigh) I guess I'm a jaded New Yorker now I guess :( If I pay I never leave. Even if I'm in hell.

I quite liked Since Otar Left but it was one of those films where its individual parts didn't feel as significant as its cumulative effect --hence the ending being such a whammy for me. I wish I'd seen it on the bigscreen.

But if you check out Nick's site it did quite well in his awards.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Nick liked it! I liked it too. Great performances and nice dialogue. Pretty too! If a movie looks good it's automatically better in my books...

And, I can understand if you didn't pay. That's acceptable.


Anonymous said...

So, when are you going to check out The Pillowman???

Anonymous said...

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