Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Weird Personal Music Facts (part 1)

Just as I was about to go to bed I clicked on iTunes and hit the Play Count feature to see which songs I've listened to the most since getting this program (can't remember when but I've had it since at least late 2002 so we're talking at least 2 and 1/2 years) --I don't know why I did this and the results were not what I expected. Keep in mind this list is from my actual computer. I listen to my iPod more than I do my computers so this is going to naturally skew towards somewhat older stuff before I had the iPod. Maybe I should check the iPod stats instead?

iTunes Most Played
01 Cucurrucucu Paloma from the Talk to Her soundtrack. Gorgeous.
02 Come What May Ewan & Nicole from Moulin Rouge!
So far it's making sense. Than suddenly...
03 Me Against the Music -Britney Spears (featuring Madonna)
I don't even really LIKE this song. Let alone love it. How did it get played so much? Yikes.
04 Cannonbal -Damien Rice. Beautiful song but it's since been eclipsed in my heart by his other really well known song The Blower's Daughter
05 It's in Our Hands -Björk
06 Why Can't I? -Liz Phair
07 A Call From the Vatican -Jane Krakowski from the Broadway revival of Nine.
now, I knew I was obsessed with Jane Krakowski as Carla when that came out. But top ten? Wow. And the fact that it's the most played Broadway tune.
08 Crying in the Rain -A-Ha
Another odd 'I did not see that coming' finalist. A-Ha is one of those groups that definitely has more than one fine pop song but the world doesn't know it. To America they seem to be the definition of one hit wonders -although in point of fact they had more than one hit here, too.
09 Take it With Me -Megan Mulally (yes, the Megan Mullaly of Will & Grace fame)
Her CD Big as a Berry is g-r-e-a-t. Terrific vocalist. I wish she'd do a Broadway show or a movie musical. Ignore that annoying M&M commercial. She can belt with the best of them.
10My Phone's on Vibrate for YouRufus Wainwright.
And that song is truly gorgeous and resonant so it's a lovely bookend to the Talk to Her song to round out my top ten.

Some runners up?
Pass That DutchMissy Elliott, MaryPatty Griffin, Where Do We Go From Here?the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Hella Goodand Ex-GirlfriendNo Doubt, Paris ParisMalcolm McClaren & Catherine DeneuveNothing Fails and American Life Madonna. Further down are several more songs each from Rufus Wainwright, Madonna, and Missy Elliott.


adam k. said...

"My Phone's On Vibrate For You" is your most played Winwright song? Weird... I feel like there are so many better ones. Not that that one's bad. But it's kind of random to be the very most played. Funny how the most played song can be so out of left field. I often play my computer music to lull me to sleep so I know for a fact that all my most played's are out of Pure Moods or another "sleep" list I have, even though that's not really representative of my listening habits.

adam k. said...

Yup, the only non-sleep related song on my list is Rufus' "Movies of Myself". Great song.
I'm kind of surprised Madonna's "Deeper and Deeper" isn't there at all, though. I love that song.

Anonymous said...

I rarely actually listen to iTunes, but instead just listen to my iPod or the mp3 files. Because all the CDs I upload onto the computer take up heaps of room I have to delete the iTune so I can't play them, only on the iPod.

Looking at that list, I have a feeling you'd like (one of my favourite bands) Basement Jaxx. Or, in particular these songs:

"Good Luck", "Romeo" and "Oh My Gosh!"

Anyway, the songs I play most on my computer at the moment are probably Natalie Imbruglia's "Shiver" (awesome), Tamara's "Ooh Aah" (awful, but it's fun), Melanie C's "Next Best Superstar" Kylie Minogue's "Made Of Glass", "What's Hideous" by Do Me Bad Things and "Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder" by Yeti. Of course there is still anything from Fiona Apple's unreleased "Extraordinary Machine" album and Rachel Yamagata's "Happenstance" album which I just downloaded.


Anonymous said...

I don't know you, and you don't know me...
but I just had one question: I've been dieing to find any songs by megan mullaly, and so far, no luck, so I was wondering, since you have a song by her, could you please, please email it to me? (
It would make my day, and you'd be my hero :)