Thursday, May 12, 2005

Friends of Dorothy

That borrowed time post put me in a a mnemonic state and kept me there. While I'm nostalgic I took a trip back to my print 'zine "Film Bitch." I was thinking back to the Heathers inspired "lunch-time poll" section. So, for everyone reading, let's do one:

Who is your favorite Wizard of Oz character...and why? Think before you answer. (Hint: This film is so great that there are no incorrect choices.)


Nick Davis said...

Toto, with a bullet. That little fucker is cute, and he's already got the body parts he needs.

What the world needs is The Wizard of Oz re-told from Toto's perspective.

adam k. said...

Dorothy, of course.
But yeah, Toto is a close second.

adam k. said...

Dorothy, of course.
But yeah, Toto is a close second.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with Dorothy. You can totally relate because, hey, we haven't seen Oz before either!

This just reminds me of that segment from a Futurama episode where they were all Oz characters.

"Tiny little men! Haven't I seen you in a copyrighted movie before?"

"Aaagh! Who would ever of thought a small amount of liquid would ever fall on ME?!"

"Wicked witch? Well that explains how these boots magically appeared on my feet!"
"No. You stole them!"




Other than Miss Gale from Kansas, my favorite is the Tin Man. I can't really explain it. But Jack Haley's voice going "I hear a beat (~pause~) how sweet" makes me swoon in the worst way. I had a total crush without realizing that that's what it was. Always waiting for the Tin Man, I am, while watching that film.

nick said...

Dorothy, just because..well duh. Such a wonderful dreamer and what a voice, right?

And Nikko, the head winged monkey is pretty cool for an evil monkey.

BTW, Nat, I LOOOVE the fabulous Bree Daniel on the main page at You gotta love Lady Jane. Can't wait to see her go at it with La Lopez this weekend.

Anonymous said...

The Wicked Witch. Best part of the movie, hands down. And the only really interesting character. Face it - Dorothy's an obnoxious, whining murdress, surrounded by 3 bumbling, sort of useless friends. The Wizard is a manipulative, sadistic liar. And Glinda's got some major drug problems. I've always loved the green diva - from way back before Wicked - and I always will!

Anonymous said...

The Wicked Witch is my favorite. I still think that it's a crime that Margaret Hamilton wasn't nominated.

Moses said...

The Mysterious OZ.

He's so insecure!