Monday, September 11, 2006


Some links to enjoy as Nattybaby struggles to get a move on on this Monday morning.

Wandering Medusa on a screening and Q&A with "Maggiebaby"
Wow Report -an awkward moment with Drew Barrymore. I so relate.
Hollywood Elsewhere finds Little Children more than a little impressive.
BoingBoing on Alan Moore's erotic graphic novel about fairytales.
Defamer tabloid spinning of Angelina's babysdaddys marital vow.
Pen15 Club "the gays love fall movies" Heh.
Movieweb Patrick Wilson continues his tour of the great actresses. From Streep through Winslet to...?


vince said...

the banner ... is there supposed to be a 'theme?' If so, I'm befuddled. The cross dressing/transexual book ends throw me. Some of the perf's were nominated, some won. I can't tell what film is second from left.

v said...

at least three of the films were released in years that ended in "3."

vince said...

Is it an Oscar thing?
One film both both got nominated, neither one. (Crying Game)
Another, both got nominated, both won.(Endearment)
Another, both go nominated, only one of them won (Tootsie)
Another, only one got nominated. (Eternal Sunshine)
I don't know what the film second from the left is.
Am I stretching?


you're stretching... it's just impossible couples. exasperating sure to make each other crazy couples.

Anonymous said...

What is the film 2nd from left? It's the one I don't recognize either.

Anonymous said...

Is it Klute?


yes that's Klute. A movie everyone needs to see.