Thursday, December 14, 2006

Globe Nominations = Live Chat

The Film Experience & Modern Fabulousity thank you for joining in on the chat session which was great fun for nearly two hours (we started early at 8:00ish--eager beavers, all). Unfortunately around about 9:45 the chat room locked up. But I hope you had a ball while it lasted. I did.

Renée Zellweger showed up and was nearly stoned to death. The Bening announced her nominatable supremacy. Bill Condon's Dreamgirls snub caused a collective scratching of the head. Fox News led with Gibson's Apocalypto nod (of course). Eastwood and DiCaprio double whammies came at the expense of worthier candidates (the chat participants loved themselves some Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson --they're picking out black clothing as we speak) and there was a great mutual cheer for Emily Blunt who is heaven in The Devil Wears Prada. It was agreed that Best Actor, Comedy is a terrible lineup.

UPDATE The Golden Globe page at the main site will have commentary posted this evening. It's back to bed for me.


JavierAG said...


Babloo328 said...

Damn. I want to join, but I have a final. DAMN THIS COLLEGE!

Ali said...

I will try my best to sign on for a bit while studying in the library.

JavierAG said...

Ali, cheeky =)

adam k. said...

Is the live chat just commenting here on the blog? Or something else? Like some kind of chat room?

Sorry if that's a stupid question.

Ashley said...

I will attempt to be there!

Anonymous said...

Responding to your screening request, I think you should really watch Water. It's flawed, and not particularly remarkable, but it definately is important. The music was nice, too.

- Adam

tim r said...

Hope to join you tomorrow, but can I just say your reviews of Notes on a Scandal are bang on. They chime very much with my own schizophrenic reaction to a film that's dubious but gripping, and I totally agree that Dench is a knock-out. Way to go!

Craig Hickman said...

Nat, you might consider getting a c-box for the live chat tomorrow morning.

If you want to see what it looks like, click on my profile and go to my tennis blog. It's in the sidebar. I use it to provide live commentary on tennis matches. It's great. And you can delete it after the chat if you don't want it in your sidebar permanently.

Arun said...

I'll be there since it'll be like 5 pm for me

nick said...

can we by chance expect globe predictions from you tonight??

Jack said...

I still say we are going to see some left fielders come in tomorrow(like Nicole Kidman or Kirsten Dunst).

Kamikaze Camel said...

I don't think I can make it :(

If my maths is correct then your 9am is my 1am and I'd normally be up at that time, but I'm going up to the city tomorrow morning to see movies that aren't in my town, so... (it's way important).

Unless I'm getting the day wrong and the chat isn't actually in 8 hours, but in 30 hours. I'd be able to make that.

Sid said...

Ugh... Got a fucking lecture but will try to drop in...

adam k. said...

Well, I'll be here if I'm awake...

Beau said...

All I can say to the HPFA:
"Emily Blunt.
Please nominate Emily Blunt.

I'll be in slumberland, as well. But send good karma Nat, and hopefully we'll get one or two good surprises in the morn.

Kamikaze Camel said...

"you name it, i'm watching it"

I'm not sure if it's out, but try and watch Look Both Ways on DVD. You'll hopefully think it was totally worth it.

par3182 said...

what beau said - please please please let them nominate emily blunt

i'm far too old (and drunk, just at the moment) to stay up until 1am

happy chat, boys

16 year old blogger said...

Emily Blunt is nominated for Best Supporting Actress----NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma said...

#I'm having the time of my life#

Emma said...

Emily Blunt must! I agree!

16 year old blogger said...

AND THE TWO BABELS GET IT for supporting actress including cate blanchett and jennifer hudson!

8:26 AM

16 year old blogger said...
For Song it was
Happy Feet
Home of the Brave
THe Pursuit of Happyness

16 year old blogger said...

Babel has 5 nominations
and two supporting

Wahlberg gets nominated for Supporting Actor!!!!!!!

So does Ban Affleck
Brad Pitt
Jack Nicholson
Eddie Murphy!!!!

Jose said...

Yay for Emily Blunt!!!!!!!!!!

16 year old blogger said...

Katherine Heigl for Grey's Anatomy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:37 AM

Anonymous said...
Yes, yes, yes!!!

8:37 AM

Anonymous said...
they snubbed Oh!

8:37 AM

16 year old blogger said...
Evangeline Lilly and Ellen Pompeo get in for Best Actess Drama

8:40 AM

16 year old blogger said...
Penelope Cruz
Judi Dench
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Kate Winslet
Helen Mirren

Anette Benning
Toni Collete
Beyonce (!!!!)
Meryl Streep
Renee Zelwegger

8:41 AM

16 year old blogger said...
Sascha Baron Cohen
Johnny Depp
Aaron Eackhart
Will Farrell
And Kinky Boots man

Desperate Housewives
Ugly Betty
The Office

Borat (!!!!) Best Picture
Devil Wears Prada
Little Miss Sunshine
Thank you for smoking

Alec Baldwin
Steve Carrell
Tony Shaloub

Clint Eastwood Flags
Clint Eastwood Iwo Jima
The Queen

Leo gets 2 noms(!!!!)
Peter O'Toole
Will Smith
Forrest Whitaker

The Queen
Little Children
The Departed
and something else (???)

8:44 AM

16 year old blogger said...

Katherine Heigl for Grey's Anatomy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoah!!! Bill Condon was snubbed for DIRECTOR!

Nick M. said...

Ryan Gosling is absent. Therefore, this is a useless line-up.

Anonymous said...


- Emily Blunt- Golden Globe nominee.

Don't u EVER bad mouth them again!


Arden said...

I don't know how to disable my cookies! :-( I want to join but I'm having technical difficulties. Oh well. I'll post.


i got booted out of my own chat!

John P. said...

The chat box done kicked me out!

John P. said...

Best reason to even watch the Globes at all: some poor sod now has the unenviable task of pronouncing 'Chiwetel Ejiofor'.

Anonymous said...

The Golden Globes are a complete joke!

Some glaringly terrible decisions include...

Leonardo DiCaprio - Blood Diamond (seriously?)

Beyonce Knowles - Dreamgirls (she looked good, but she didn't act, she sang. This should be a Grammy nom)

Johnny Depp - Pirates 2: I love Johnny Depp, but there was nothing special in this movie

Renee Zellweger - Miss Potter: This nom convinced me that Golden Globes are worthless. What utter crap

Best Foreign Film: two American sub-titled films! Are you serious? Apocalypto was more worthy of a nomination than anything put out by the ENTIRE world?

This has been a weak year for film. Instead of show casing some smaller delights this year (did anyone even see Half-Nelson?), the Golden Globes decide to pretentiously nominate shit and embellish it with Hollywood love. Pathetic.

damion said...

the chat was fun Nat.

amir_uk said...

Nathaniel, I had to tell you cos I know you will die of happiness (or should that be happyness, this year?):

Emily Blunt is a double Golden-Globe nominee!!

She got a nom in the tv catgories as well!

Chiwetel Ejiofor also got two noms this year! Along with Leo, Clint and god knows who else. But obviously Mirren had to go one better and get three!

16 year old blogger said...

Emily Blunt gets 2 NOMS!!!!! No joke, one for TDWP and the other for a tv movie!

amir_uk said...

PS. On IMDB, they have Patrick Wilson NOT Forest Whitaker in the Best Actor Drama category. Please let Patrick have gotten a nom...

Ali said...

Amir - on the HFPA website, it's Whitaker.

16 year old blogger said...

Emily Blunt, Clint Eastwood, Leo DiCaprio, Helen Mirren, Toni Collette, Annette Bening, Brad Pitt, Todd Field all at least got double noms today!

16 year old blogger said...

No love for Prarie Home Companion....

Bruno Packer said...

Wtf! 4 of the 5 nominees for Best Comedy belong to Fox?!

Is it me or that is just messed up?

Will Smith, zzzZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Bruno Packer said...

Funny how they came up with this ghetto categoy named Best Animated Film.

Anonymous said...

Beyonce got 2 noms too

Troy said...

Mark Wahlberg! Are they serious?! I would hate to see his name in the final Oscar lineup.

Sid said...

Yay for Wahlberg and Blunt!

Dame Mirren has THREE noms! I expect to see her take two of those trophies home. Damn!

MichaelC said...

I'm pretty pleased about Wahlberg. He gave The Departed a shot in the arm every time he was on screen.

But where is Michael Sheen? Or Steve Carell? Would someone please explain to me what is special about Brad Pitt's performance that it gets in over these strong turns?


what is special about brad pitt's performance is that he's a movie star ;)

adam k. said...

I wonder how much the Condon snub will hurt Dreamgirls overall. I am absolutely shocked it has only 5 noms.

I had it chalked up for no less than 8.

adam k. said...

But really, I cannot complain about the HFPA. When they do things like give BBM four wins, nominate aHoV and Maria Bello, and now nominate Emily Blunt and the Fountain score, how can I not love them?

Plus they give us the chance to see celebs give drunken speeches. They're wonderful.

Bruno Packer said...

The only reason why United 93 was snubbed (come on! one of the best reviewed films of the year) is that there are no stars on it to ass-kiss.

kokodee said...

Best reason to even watch the Globes at all: some poor sod now has the unenviable task of pronouncing 'Chiwetel Ejiofor'.

Easy. Chee-wet-el Edge-oh- four.

They did just fine at the Baftas, congrats Chewy!!!

amir_uk said...

You're so right Adam. These days my own preferences match much better with the HFPA than with Oscar. It all started in 2001 when they nominated both Jude Law and Cameron Diaz in a year when they both deserved to win.

The screenplay category is WONDERFUL this year. I'm so happy they nominated Affleck and Pitt, Barazza and Kikuchi, Desplat and Santaolalla. Loving the Little Children and Babel, Beyonce and DiCaprio love.

Biggest shame in my opinion: picking Mark Wahlberg when Jackie Earle Haley is much much more deserving. Also wish they'd found the space for Patrick Wilson and Ryan Gosling. And Best Actor Comedy is so bad (not really their fault) that the only one I can kinda root for is Depp (but, alas, I know Cohen will win).

Also, they snubbed both Sandra Oh and Teri Hatcher this year in TV! What gives?! But went for the usually loveless Heigl, Pompeo and Lily (which is another good thing).

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pitt being a movie star. A lot of people are arleady guessing that Mark and Ben will be push aside for Alan and Sheen come oscar time, but I thin Mark or Ben can hold on and Pitt miss out.

Beau said...

I just realized that United 93 got snubbed.

...ehh. One wrong decision they made, it's alright.


Okay, now I'm stoked. They gave noms to my two favorite supporting performances of the year (Blunt and Wahlberg) and that mesmerizing music from that brilliant film.

I am disappointed to not see 'Prairie' appear on the Comedy/Musical side of things, but it's to be expected.

And the best news of the morning...
"Flags" gets snubbed for BP.
The mediocrity spewed will get no gold here.
...sorry to sound so negative, but I just LOATHED that film. *grr with claws and shit*

Emma said...

Yep, the Emily Blunt love was one of the best things.

Craig Hickman said...

Emily Blunt.


16 year old blogger said...

I think that we all expected for DREAMGIRLS to get at least 8 noms, especially since they nominated Chicago for Screenplay and Director. That would total 7 but I was expecting 1 more song. They could have chosen a better male lead for DREAMGIRLS instead of Foxx, but that snub is weird becuase he had the triple 2 years ago.

Kamikaze Camel said...

That chat was uber fun for the hour that I was there. Definitely fun! Should do it again sometime.

I sorta hope Pitt misses out for Oscar. He didn't really have anything to do in Babel except scream for an ambulence.

adam k. said...

For Dreamgirls, I was expecting at the VERY LEAST for Condon and Foxx to both make it, and also for at least one more nod in the form of screenplay, Anika Noni Rose, or another song.

I'm still shocked that it only has 5. At least this means Beyoncé probably won't win.


i don't think 5 noms is that big a deal personally. it's not low enough to make people go "dreamgirls must suck!" it's only awards obsessives who would notice that that tally is maybe a smidgeon low for a big BP lock musical. we already knew that FOXX wasn't in the Oscar race. so the only bummer for them was Condon's miss.

Anonymous said...


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