Saturday, December 08, 2007

Things That I Find Completely Annoying About The Internet in 2007

  • Blogs that have title images so big you have to scrolllllllllllllllll down to see if there are any new posts.
  • MySpace
  • Sites/Blogs that don't have contact info/e-mail addresses should you want to get in touch with the writer privately.
  • Sites/Blogs with so many ads they interrupt the article you're reading, pop-up, or otherwise distract.
  • Blogs that post so often you couldn't possibly read everything.
  • Blogs with crappy writing. Especially the successful ones.
  • Sites/Blogs with so many photos they take forever to load.
  • Blogs without photos.
  • [the coffee is apparently not working --my apologies]
  • Image searching is still too difficult. Film stills prior to 1996, say, or particular photos of celebrities from decades past are not easy to come by but you can find hundreds of images of disposable films everybody has already forgotten that were made in the past few years. Everything is now now now. It's also supremely annoying to try to find celebrity portraits taken during that prehistoric age when we worshipped celebrities by cutting up magazines and making scrapbooks or decorating our walls instead of building online shrines to stars by scanning photos or dragging and dropping from our computer screens. This makes me sound as old as Walter Brennan but it really wasn't that long ago. I mean it was only as long ago as Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's wedded bliss.
Nathaniel making a scrapbook. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz in his home, March 1995


Jimmy said...

when are you seeing sweeney todd? can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Cal said...

Well I agree about Myspace lol. You could watch a David Lean film by the time it manages to load someone's profile. Tres annoying!

About the image searching.. it's pretty vast, but I find myself trawling through irrelevant pics when searching for something that hasn't been plastered all over the web. There are too many keywords for certain images.

James Henry said...

"Blogs with crappy writing. Especially the successful ones."

Perez Hilton anyone?

I hate that guy.

Moviezzz said...
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Zen said...

Completely off-topic, but i can see from the sidebar that you've seen Atonement.

I'm counting on you to love it. I'd be so disheaartened if you didnt. I loved it so much, i think may have developed personal relationships with the characters in my head. So please be nice about my 'friends'.

RC said...

i agree straight across the board.

i especially get annoyed at the slow loading sites with too much going on.

i also get annoyed with people say the name of your blog without making it a clickable link.

Cal said...

"Gorgeousity". Couldn't have put it better myself ;-)

Paul C. said...

Re: the blogs without e-Mail addresses thing, I used to be in full agreement until I began running a weekly contest on mine. Now to make things easier for the participants I have to post a link to my e-Mail address, and I'm invariably bombarded by spam and junk e-Mail as a result. I can empathize with people's reluctance to invite more of that crap than is absolutely necessary.

However, I'm feeling you on the issue of images on the web. I like to include relevant photos in my work, but it's ever so hard when I'm not writing about a movie from the last decade. You don't want to use the same stills everyone uses, but sometimes there isn't much of a choice.

Andy Scott said...

Oh thank God! :)

whip-smart said...

Blogs that post so often you don't have the time to read anything?

Hah, I'm just so excited about having my own blog that I post twice every hour I'm awake.

Also, I frickin' HATE MySpcae.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I agree with everything you said Nat.

It's particularly annoying searching for images on Google and getting the same picture over and over again but from different sites. It's like "I've seen that one!! Stop showing me"

I do love a good collage though. Cutting images out of magazines and sticking them all together. Now I do it on Photoshop!

J.D. said...

MySpace is dead to me. Why, though, I don't know. It. Just. Is.

Very good and agreeable (and bipolar) list, Nat.

And "Gorgeousity"? [giddy screech]

adam k. said...

I'm hoping for the A. It's been too long.

Kamikaze Camel said...

He could be meaning it as a cross between "gorgeous" and "monstrosity". As in great to look at but not a wellmade movie. Like Elizabeth: Full Throttle!

But I do hope it's the good kind of "gorgeousity"

ModFab said...

Wow. Bitter much, baby? ;-)

Kurtis11 said...

Consider these things noted as I attempt to finally construct my own blog... ;-)