Monday, November 09, 2009

An Actor's Link For Me

Big Picture There's not enough movies in the world to support Nicolas Cage's $$$ habits
Antagony... Introducing... Ingrid Bergman
Movies Kick Ass is excited about Gwyneth Paltrow joining Nicole Kidman in The Danish Girl. I never believe these casting dealios until movies actually start filming. I mean, what will become of GOOP if Gwynnie decides to make movies again?
Cinematical appreciates the grace and wit of Ian McKellen on... The View
Coming Soon Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan movie, a thriller about a ballerina (!) , keeps sounding more interesting: Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis will now be joined by Barbara Hershey and Winona Ryder (double yay!)
Just Jared Reeve Carney, Broadway's new Spider-Man

Did you have any film or television adventures over the weekend? I was mostly layed out with a bad back (i.e. painful but golden opportunity to watch movies) but I did waddle to a Mad Men party last night hosted by the great fansite Basket of Kisses where we were all thrilled to see/meet actor Michael Gladis.

He made his screen debut in Kathyrn Bigelow's K-19: The Widowmaker (2002) but he's mostly done guest spots on TV since. Mad Men was definitely the game-changer. He plays pipe smoking bohemian-leaning Paul on the show. But after seeing the wildly disruptive season 3 finale, I got to thinking about how odd it must be for series regulars. You never know what's coming for your character and yet you have to define that psyche consistently every single week. At any moment, particularly on brave serialized shows which embrace change as a narrative force, you could be written out, sidelined or suddenly come into sharper focus. I guess the same is true for non-series regulars. Your next job could be the big one. Or you could be sidelined.

The life of an actor. One can only imagine.


john said...

With regards to 'The Danish Girl' Nicole and Gwyneth should really swap roles, as Paltrow could probabaly pass of as a man more than Kidman??

Nate Tyson said...

I wish I could somehow arrange ahead of time to get a dollar for every review of The Black Swan that declares it "Aronofsky's Persona" or some variation on that general train of thought/comparison.

Not that there are any similarities between the two other than it being a respected director directing a psychological duet between two beautiful cinematic treasures, centering around some sort of performance. You know this will happen.

I'm just going on a hunch, but I think I'm right.

Liv. said...

This past weekend, I saw Where The Wild Things Are with my mom. She hated it. The whole time, all she did was complain that the music was grating and that Max should in a psychiatric institution.

This only confirms my suspicions that I am adopted.

Iggy said...

I did have a TV experience this weekend, one I'd prefer I didn't have.

Sorry, rant in process.

Yesterday I caught Private Practice on TV, so I decided to see an episode for the first (and last) time. I don't even know what episode or season it was (it's usually one season back here), but the storyline was the following. A college student went to see the doctor because she had become a prostitute, a expensive one. The doctor (Addison whatever) in spite of the other doctors opinion, took care of her because she wasn't one of those that are in the streets (that was my first eyebrow raising), but at the end of the episode to cut it short, she told her (in bed, beaten up by a man, implying she somehow deserved it) she couldn't go on seeing her as her doctor because of the job she had taken. Because she was a prostitute! I think it was the first time a TV series got me so deeply puzzled, perplexed, even shocked.

Not that I haven't been disappointed with a TV series before. I gave up watching Desperate Housewives long time ago because I couldn't stand its also holier than thou attitude. It must be exhausting to be learning a moral lesson in every single episode, I guess by now their halos are clearly visible in their way to heaven. That is, if the sticks up their asses allow them to defy gravity.

Rant over. Sorry, I needed to say it.

On a positive note, I love Mad Men and this series, even though it reminds me my Mad Men dose will take too long to arrive. And John Hamm (sigh)... shouldn't he be starting a career in movies going the Clooney way?


IGGY -- don't take my Jon Hamm away from Mad Men!!!


oh and also Iggy. I absolutely agree that the bulk of television is ridiculously moralistic, and usually in a condescending hypocritcal / pandering way, too. so that all hte viewers can feel superior to whomever they're instructed to feel superior too.

hate it.

give me moral complications and allow me to form my own opinions. That's drama!

Jose said...

GOOP should RIP for a while. She's not a New Age Martha Stewart, she's an actress! And she should be making movies, I miss her so much when I go to the theater...

Iggy said...

"give me moral complications and allow me to form my own opinions. That's drama!"


I guess I had never witnessed such in your face ultraconservative moral on a TV series, or maybe it's that you have to be a regular viewer who is already anesthetized and who can't notice it any more.

I didn't intend to take Jon Hamm (I should start checking spelling before hitting the publish button) away from Mad Men ;).

I remember having seen January Jones in an American Pie movie and kept thinking what is Betty Draper doing there? It's just that I thought that being a good actor and hot should guarantee having a pile of scripts for him to choose which one to film in between seasons. I'd give him anything he wanted if he asked me ;).

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Danish Girl being filmed but does anyone have any news on Rabbit Hole? It is literally a desert out there! Will show at Sundance? Any tiny bit of news at all?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree that the bulk of television is ridiculously moralistic, and usually in a condescending hypocritcal / pandering way, too. so that all hte viewers can feel superior to whomever they're instructed to feel superior too.


Does this actually happen??? I don't know that many people who pay much attention to those moral lessons. Most people just want to see who ends up with who or who gets killed.


anon 10:16 you're probably right that people aren't paying that much attention to it but it's most definitely there.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is a classic example of that simultaneously lurid hypocrisy and judgmental preachiness