Friday, July 02, 2010


Doesn't this short render all future videogame movies obsolete?

Love it. Watch it.


chris na Taraja said...

wow! What the hell was that!? It's awesome!

James T said...

Best short movie (any category), best visual and sound effects.

Even if you exaggerated, I think short films might be a more fitting form for the videogame movies.

They wouldn't try to add depth where it can't be added and more lightness in general. Of course I'm talking nonsense since that would give no money to the studios.

Timothy Marshall said...

I guess it didn't really do anything for me. Old video game nostalgia and interesting effects don't necessarily make an interesting or entertaining film. I found it boring.

Philip said...

Wow! I thought that was super cool!


@timothy. you were bored with a -3 minute running time? Yikes.

Glenn said...

That was great! Reminded me of Logorama. My favourite bit was the Pacman eating the subway stations, very well played.

chris na Taraja said...

ADHD is a common problem among the younger generation. We used to have a 7 minute attention span, now it's like 30 seconds.

Be warned before you watch GIANT, it's a few hours long.

David said...

Heard a few months ago they are making this short into a feature. So look forward to that...

Volvagia said...

The problem is three fold: Uwe Boll, the good plots being much too large for movies and it being the "comic book" for Gen X.

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