Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Curio: Quote Pillows

Alexa from Pop Elegantiarum here. Seeing Inception got me thinking about Michel Gondry's more whimsical exploration of the subconscious, The Science of Sleep. I'd love to watch them back-to-back, but maybe then my reality would start blurring with my dream life. Here's a cute bit of craftiness: a quote from Gondry's film embroidered on a speech bubble pillow by Tonya Ruanto.

Tonya makes all kinds of speech bubble pillows, including quotes from The Notebook and Hope Floats. (I'm especially loving her Michael Scott quote pillow.) She will even make a custom quote pillow for you.

I can see many Great Moments in Screen Bitchery working for these. But I'm thinking of having her make one that reads "Mark it eight, Dude," so that I can hold it up to my husband's head and stop him from saying it every five minutes. Dare to dream.


Tonya said...

how sweet of you to post my pillows. thank you.


i love the idea of holding quotes up by someone to prevent the quoting. Though I'm already embarrassed by the quotes people would have to hold up by my head.

showgirls, addams family values, waiting for guffman, death becomes her... why is there so much 1990s? must. update. quotes.

Body Pillows said...

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