Sunday, August 01, 2010


Before we get to the links, two things.
  1. Catfish, a hot ticket documentary from Sundance is coming to theaters near you. It's totally worth seeing but please avoid all articles and trailers. Just know that it's about an online relationship. Just trust me on this one. Totally worth seeing (even if you hate it) for the conversations it'll spark afterwards.
  2. Black Swan will open in early December, presumably following The Wrestler's release pattern. I'm not sure this is a good idea since it seems like a harder sell for awardage since it's genre tinged AND about young beauties. Oscar likes old broken down piece of meat man drama way more. But I must lower my expectations. I'm unreasonably excited and there's not even a trailer yet.
Link Time
I Need My Fix Emily Blunt in Elle. Did y'all hear Meryl Streep sang ABBA at Blunt's wedding? Blunt leads a charmed life, okay.
Coming Soon The Social Network and The Tempest will open and close NYFF, respectively. But what's the centerpiece?
The Disney Blog a live action Mulan with Zhang Ziyi. Well, Ziyi could really use a comeback hit.
Movies Kick Ass weighs in on the new posters for Tangled and Never Let Me Go.
/Film Liam Neeson on longer attached to Steven Spielberg's Lincoln biopic. Will it ever be made?
Fader remembers the Madonna-adjacent style of Tony Ward. Definitely Madonna's best trophy boy.
That Obscure Object Johnny Depp by Herb Ritts? Wow, this takes me back.

Fashion & Style
considers Mad Men and and the vicarious thrills and feelings of superiority watching its messy lives. But are we living? Great piece.
Edward Copeland on Film I haven't read this 75th anniversary article on Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps yet, but I hope to write about the movie myself tonight, if time allows. Watching it on Netflix today.
Alt Film Guide Suso Cecchi D'Amico, the female Italian screenwriter that I'd forgotten on my list of Oldest Living Oscar Nominees last month, died yesterday in Rome. She leaves behind many classic films including The Bicycle Thief and The Leopard.

Today's Must Read
The Awl "Fingered by Fosse" a conversation about jazz hands, not spirit fingers. The clip from All That Jazz makes me sad because we'll never see dancing like Ann Reinking's again at the cinema. No directors or studios care about training anymore. And Ann is a marvel. That takes years to master.

Finally, here's Jude Law for Dior Homme (directed by Guy Ritchie)

Jude Law is nasty. We've always liked him that way. Ever since Wilde.


OtherRobert said...

Please let there not be a talking dragon in this live action Mulan. I just don't trust that company to not screw this up. They wanted Aida to be an animated film, for goodness' sake. Can you imagine that story with a happily ever after ala the worst scene in The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

On the plus side, if it's good or better in quality and gets a decent release in America, it could be baity enough for the Oscars to nominate Zhang Ziyi. Possibly. Maybe.

GJB said...

CATFISH is playing at the Melbourne International Film Festival this Thursday and Saturday. I know a bit more about the film than what you've said but I think I'll scoop up a ticket to one of those sessions anyway!

K.A. said...

That Never Let Me Go poster makes me so excited.

Danny King said...

When is "Catfish's" release date? I'm definitely staying away from the trailers for that one, but I am insanely psyched to see it now.

Poppy said...

Really? People think that Never Let Me Go poster is good? It's boring and just lifeless. The whole running thing has been done before, the mystery of their destination doesn't make it interesting it just makes me think it's stupid. but I'm still interested in the movie even though the plot of it has been spoiled for me.

Neel Mehta said...

Circa 2008...

Emily Blunt: If we're going to get married, I want Meryl Streep there, preferably serenading us.

John Krasinski: Agreed. You've already done a movie with her. Now it's my turn.

Emily Blunt: Any luck with that Julia Child movie?

John Krasinski: No, they went with Amy Adams. Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking.

Emily Blunt: What other projects are out there?

John Krasinski: Something with Nancy Meyers. Looks like crap.

Emily Blunt: Try not to say that in the audition.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's been mentioned already, but the New York Times did an interesting piece on Patricia Clarkson that I thoroughly enjoyed. Here it is.

lylee2 said...

New York Times Sunday magazine also had a great profile of the Lovely Laura Linney:

How do I love thee, Laura Linney? Let me count the ways.

Jan Shaw said...

The Sundance sensation, Catfish, just released a new trailer for the film! See why the movie is gaining critical acclaim and buzz!