Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Oscar Ballots Out...

It's now crunch time for campaigners. The ballots are either en route or arriving in mailboxes -I plan to write an FYC article for the site but it will be an expansion of this idea (as per usual) THE YEAR IS 12 MONTHS LONG. Rather than tell Oscar voters how to vote, I'd just like to remind them that movies came out in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, and September. Not just the last three months of the year.

I think primarily of the Academy's 1000 voting actors. You don't have to vote for them but anybody that isn't willing to at least consider the stars of Eternal Sunshine, Before Sunset, Kill Bill Volume 2, The Door in the Floor, Dogville, etc... for acting prizes doesn't really have any business filling out "best of the YEAR" ballots.

You don't win the Academy Award for Best Performance of December. You supposedly win it for Best Performance of 2004.


Anonymous said...

eek. So green. eyes hurting.

Anonymous said...

But how will Dogville get any consideration if there are no FYC ads? (he says, dripping in sarcasm)

'tis a shame, because Nicole's perf is her best ever and my favourite of the year. It's probably akin to your love of Julianne's Far From Heaven portrayal.

Man, i would just DIE OF EXCITEMENT if any of these happened
1. Dogville got any nominations (Particularly Best Actress)
2. Jim Carrey got nominated for Eternal Sunshine
3. Before Sunset got any nominations (particularly Best Actress)
4. KBV2 got a Best Supporting Actor nominations, followed quickly by a Best Actress nominations

(i'm expecting to be extremely disappointed in the Best Actress catagory!)

I hope these nominations coming up are as surprising as this years!


Anonymous said...

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