Thursday, December 23, 2004

Welcome for the 11th time

OK... so, I am a scattered person. I keep changing it up. But the truth is my website is too too too big. Think Julianne Moore's coke-fueled stream of thought in BOOGIE NIGHTS "too many things. too many things"

You may have noticed that this blog died for a month or so. I just hadn't figured out how to use it in the context of my unwieldy site. So --since this blog is so convenient, try and think of this as the replacement for FILMBITCHWEEKLY which had died due to maintenance issues and those pesky weekly deadlines. This will be a quicker and easier way for those non-review, non-awards, non list, thoughts on the movies. The movies. The movies. God how I love the movies.

And who knows. For ease of use and quick tidbits rather than full essays or what have you. Perhaps you'll be able to think of it as FiLMBiTCH Daily. Okay. Not really. I'm not that masochistic.

So, I promise to post herein more regularly.

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