Thursday, February 24, 2005



Do not read this if you haven't watched the last episode of Project Runway that aired three times last night on Bravo.

OK. Those of you who are still with me.

Go away if you TIVOed and haven't watched it.

OK. still with me?

Last night the expected frontrunner, the professional and confident Kara Saun showed quite a line with gorgeous color, perfect execution, storytelling skills, and said the whole thing was inspired by seeing The Aviator. "Fantasy Fly Girl" "The Aviatrix" these were some of her descriptions of the collection. And then ...she lost! She had won a bunch of the "precursors" --4 contests in all throughout the series. Jay McCarroll, the eventual champion, hadn't won much of anything through the 12 challenges. But he had showed remarkable consistency, his personality was a major winner, and he had his own very specific vision.

So, this is not good cosmic-collective subconscious-wise for The Aviator at the Oscars, I think... I was still tempted to predict Scorsese's epic having assumed that a good portion of the Million Dollar Baby buzz is media/journalist created. And I do still believe that the enormity of the buzz is false. But the buzz is still there. I think the race is much tighter than anyone suspects but seeing Kara Saun lose just made me feel like the Howard Hughes flight, however skilled, gorgeous, and classy it was, was going down.

On the other hand I totally agreed with Jay winning on "Project Runway" and I totally don't agree with Million Dollar Baby winning at the Oscars ... so the mental connection ends there. But what am I gonna do? No sense in crying anymore over that lovely bottle of milk that's about to be spilt.


Anonymous said...

Another omen. They're both ONLY about the fashion (don't ya know)


Anonymous said...

Well, Nathaniel, you're probably right about Million Dollar Baby. But it could be worse. I mean, it could be FINDING NEVERLAND--not MDB--breathing down Scorsese's neck. Ick.


Anonymous said...

You know it's the beginning of the end when reality shows start foreshadowing the Oscars.

Sankofa08 said...

ok everyone knoes Kara Saun should've won Porject Runway. I mean come on, Jay's theme of self expression and"listening to you own tune" is redundant. If you create a collection you're ALREADY creating your own tune and expressing yourself freely. Anyway, Kara Saun's was clean cut, solid, and won the hearts of practically every star in the tent! now that I got that off my chest....look for season 2 this fall!