Thursday, February 03, 2005

Vocal Delivery

No, this post is not about Emmy Rossum wowing the Parisian set with her sappy "Think of Me" debutante number in Phantom of the Opera. It's rather about individual line readings. My winners for this year are posted at the website. Now, awardage is not an exact science of course and I'm sure that I forgot some really worthy contenders --or I leave them out because it's impossible to select one line because every reading is a gem (see Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill, Vol 2 among others) or every line is classic (Brad Bird as Edna Mode in The Incredibles) but since I get a surprising amount of mail about this category every year I thought I'd just explain how I come up with the nominees.

It's a simple matter of things that get trapped in my head. Sometimes it's just a great line that the actor in question delivers perfectly. Sometimes it's an absolute throwaway that the actor makes memorable solely by their delivery. Mostly it's just a matter of things that get stuck, like mini mpegs in my head ...The voices I hear (accurately and with precision like the movie is still playing) in my head when I think about the movies.


adam k. said...

Kidman's "you're a little liar" line is my absolute favorite. I don't know how she made it so quirky and memorable. I guess the line itself is pretty great, but something about the inflection in Kidman's high, girlish voice when she said it just rose it to a new level. I think the line's great because because it basically sums up the whole feel of this movie - Nicole Kidman patronizing/being hypnotized by this crazy little boy.

adam k. said...

OK, wait, though... what happened to Dunst's "go get 'em, tiger" from Spider-Man 2?

Anonymous said...

yeah, a lot of people hated the Spiderman 2 line but I loved it. I can totally picture that line appearing on the pages of a comic book (just like most of S2!). And the Before Sunset line was great too, but if I had to pick a Sunset line it's be Delpy's "You think I'm neurotic?!"

Anyway. My top 5 were something like this
1. "I love that word, gargantuan, I so rarely get to use it in a sentence." - Daryl Hannah, KBV2
2. "You think I'm neurotic?" Julie Delpy, Before Sunset
3. "Dogs only obey their own nature, so why SHOULDN'T we forgive them?" - Nicole Kidman, Dogville
4. "I am FILLED with Christ's love!" - Mandy Moore, Saved!
5. "You can't fool me. I listen to Public Radio!" - Roger Bumpass, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

that last one isn't so much a great line reading, but just a really funny line and unexpected in a kids movie.

But I definitely ain't arguing with any of your top 5. Specially Tom Wilkinson.


Anonymous said...

How about:

"Oh my God...she's so drunk!" from Shaun of the Dead...I spent the next hour of the movie hard can it be to make a good comedy?