Sunday, April 03, 2005

Frank Miller's Town

I know that when the first "event movie" of the year comes out I should make a much bigger todo about it... but I don't have a lot to say. I grew up reading Frank Miller comics so it was a treat to see his aesthetic visualized --but as a film it didn't completely satisfy --too long. repetitive. gross. etc... Since it was so faithful to the source material I kept wondering why they just didn't animate it? But, yes, it looks hella cool.

Tarantino's section is best starring the always (and increasingly) magnetic Clive Owen. Is it just me or does he get better all the time even though he started out sensationally? *
*edited out comments about other actors since maybe Tarantino didn't direct this whole section I'm hearing.


adam k. said...

Really? I thought the film satisfied. I wasn't thinking I'd like it at first, but by the time the Clive Owen story was in full force and I realize there was just one more story to go, I was along for the ride. I liked the whole Bruce Willis plot, and (SPOILER ALERT!) was proud of myself for seeing the Jessica Alba tie-in coming. She actually didn't annoy me at all in this film, which I consider an accomplishment in itself. It was sorta too long though... that's the only thing I really think could've been changed. I wouldn't see it again, mainly for that reason, but I thought it was a good film. I personally would give it a solid "B". But I do see the problematic elements.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Tarantino only directed one scene involving Clive Owen in a car...? or maybe Benicio Del Toro...? or, i dunno, but it wasn't like an entire portion of the film.

Sigh, yet again, Australian's have to wait till the end of May to see Sin City. I hate people.


adam k. said...

Yeah, Tarantino directed the scene in the car with Owen and Del Toro. Not the whole second act.

nick said...

just curious, what were your misjudged comments about the second part of the film before you realized it wasn't all Tarantino? Were there kudos to Brittany Murphy and Rosario Dawson, perhaps?


the kudos went out to Brittany Murphy who I thought was aces in her brief section. So I wrongly attributed that (so I'm hearing) to Tarantino always knowing what to do with underutilised talent (see also: most supporting actors in most of his films)

But then, by and large I think Brittany Murphy has the goods in a major way. She just either has incredibly poor aesthetic judgment or is really dumb or something... because that career. Oy.

Anonymous said...

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