Monday, April 04, 2005

wha. the. fu. ?

Whenever I rent "gay films" as in films that are really only made by and for gay people as opposed to real films with gay content or gay directors my boyfriend expresses much dismay and says very loudly "gay people should not be allowed to make films!"

Now, part of this is a pose... obviously nobody wants Todd Haynes and other greats to quit working. But sometimes he has a point. And queer cineastes do certainly have a lot to complain about. A lot of stuff that does get made that is of questionable quality would not get made if it were straight i.e. if you're serving a specialized starving audience, you don't have to deliver good taste, exquisite plating, or even anything all that edible to pack your restaurant full. Or, to put it in film terms your story doesn't have to make even a lick of sense, you don't have to follow any standard rules of storytelling, and your protagonists and supporting characters don't have to be likeable or interesting as long as they drop trou.


Moses said...

No, totally.

I remember working at blockbuster a few years back and getting excited for all these queer films, only to be disappointed - and ultimately disenchanted with gay cinema.

As a gay man who is also an avid film goer, I would expect more from the gay viewing audience. Seriously, if you want to see dick - go find some online.

It's kinda like Queer as Folk in a way - like, now that the L Word is on - I totally can look at it and be like. This is not only an insult, but also incredibly lame.

I suppose I have high hopes for Brokeback Mountain -- but truth be told - I'm still nervous as to how it will be presented.

This is semi-off topic but my friend Ava swears up and down that the character of Jack on Lost is gay. I guess where this leads is I'm ready to see gay characters who don't let their sexuality be the end all and be all of them.

Maybe I'm just tired of the same old homo stereotypes being thrown onto the screen both large and small. It is especially disappointing though to know that gay filmmakers are wasting their time on such awful, awful projects.

adam k. said...

Well, all I can say is:
Thank god for Almodovar. He's an international treasure.

Also, when the hell is Todd Haynes' next project coming out? I don't think he's even starting filming anything. Get on the ball, Todd. Pedro can't make a new film every year. We need you back.

Anonymous said...

I think all those specialty directors need to get off their asses and make some actual movies. That goes out to:

David Lynch, Baz Luhrmann, Todd Haynes, Stephen Daldry (hate me, but Billy Elliot is one of my all-time favourites), Mary Herron and I think, in order to go on living, I need the Working Dog production team (The Dish and The Castle) to make another movie NOW.