Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lunchtime Poll: Indie Spirit Nominations

How much do you think these enthusiastic Indie Spirit endorsements of Lust, Caution, Juno, Diving Bell and Butterfly and A Mighty Heart will help or hinder those Oscar chances? Or do you think the sometimes nonsensical nominations (The Savages but no Laura Linney?) won’t mean much at all?


Derek said...

I think there were 2 big boosts today: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, and Angelina Jolie. That Jolie got a Best Actress nomination is no surprise; that they loved the film as a whole so much indicates she could have more support than we originally thought. I was already predicting her for the Oscar nomination in my #5 spot, and that doesn't change, but I'm more confident of it now.

Diving Bell is on the brink of several Oscar nominations (director, cinematography, possibly picture; the screenplay nomination is already likely), and I think it got a boost now to show up in more places than one.

As for the Linney snub, I don't think it means much. With the year this wide open, I think nominations and awards from EVERY organization are going to be all over the place. The fact that they clearly liked The Savages at all is enough.

Not affected: Juno. It was always going to show up here since we first heard about it.

Also not affected, but YAY!: Tony Leung and (especially) Tang Wei getting recognized for their wonderful performances.

Alex said...

On the best actress front, good news for Angelina and Ellen Page - they're solidifying their awards momentum with these nominations. Bad news for Linney unless people start making a big racket that she was snubbed. As for Tang Wei, I don't necessarily think it helps in the possibility of an Oscar nod, but it sure doesn't hurt - at least publicity wise.

Michael C. said...

Where in the Bloody Hell are all of Once's nominations?! I mean, Christ Almighty! I gotta calm down. I'm off the Film Experience for at least 24 hours. I'll see you tomorrow.

adam k. said...

Once was not eligible outside of foreign film, I don't think. Though I don't quite understand the process of that, since Pan's Labyrinth was nominated for best feature last year. Anyway, hopefully it wins foreign film. And comes out swinging at the globes next month.

This definitely puts Diving Bell on the radar. I don't think Linney is hurt - she may even helped - since they sometimes leave out the most obvious contenders when it seems obvious they'll be noticed elsewhere. They did this with Halle Berry in Monster's Ball and lots of others I don't remember, who were snubbed here and then went on to be nommed for (or WIN) the oscar.

Derek said...

Good point, Adam. They also snubbed Evan Rachel Wood for Thirteen, even though they nominated Holly Hunter AND Nikki Reed. Granted, ERW didn't get the much-deserved Oscar nomination, but she came a lot closer than anyone (except me) ever imagined, and the ISA nom seemed like a given before they were announced.

Anonymous said...

No recognition for "Away From Her" is glaring, for Julie Christie especially.

John T said...

Really, though, as far as precursors go, the Independent Spirit Awards have to be pretty darn far down the list, non? And I think that Linney will easily avoid this stumble; one has to wonder also where Max von Sydow is.

amir_uk said...

Were Away From Her and Into the Wild eligible here? If so, those are major blows for Christie and Hal Holbrook.

Best performance I've seen all year in any category: Hal Holbrook, Into the Wild. I seriously hope he gets some recognition this season, hopefully an Oscar at the end of it.

Really happy to see support for I'm Not There, The Savages, 2 Days in Paris, most of those foreign film picks. As for the actors: Jolie, Hoffman, Blanchett and Irrfan Khan - who I have on my supporting actor ballot for A Mighty Heart at the moment, must check out The Namesake now...

amir_uk said...

Ahh, just realised no support for Control though, which at the very least should've brought Samantha Morton some attention.

Also, is it true that pretty much any one of us could become Indie Spirit members on payment of a fee, and vote for these awards?...

adam k. said...

I actually almost mentioned the thing about Thirteen, but then the internet got screwy on me. In fact, I think they snubbed both Evan AND Holly. They nominated Catherine Hardwicke and Nikki Reed.

So basically, these awards are bollocks. But they do get attention for being the first noms out of the gate.

Yaseen Ali said...

Irrfan! Sad not to see Tabu though. Perhaps category confusion had something to do with it.

Another one of those strange ISA inclusions/omissions: Edward Norton for The Painted Veil and not Naomi Watts.

James Henry said...

I don't know if anyone else has seen "Rocket Science" but I'm glad Anna Kendrick received a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her performance. One of the most original and fascinating performances I've come across this year.

J.J. said...

Regarding the Linney "snub": The Savages is a weak movie. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Points for Angelina Jolie and Ellen Page in this hard race for Best Actress. And what does it mean for Linney? Jennifer Jason Leigh is in, and Kidman is out. A nomination for Kidman is difficult.
Considering that Angelina has a big chance to be nominated for the Globes, it helps her a lot. No Into the Wild?

Derek said...

Shit, they didn't even nominate HUNTER? Screw 'em! :)

Neel Mehta said...

That Documentary category is getting more and more interesting, Oscar-wise. Has anyone else noticed?

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Angelina Jolie will be honored as The Outstanding Performance of the Year for an Actress at Santa Barbara Film Festival too. With the almost sure nominee for the Globes,she already has three nominations/wins in the percursors. Maybe we should put her on the top 5.


yes they're often nonsensical. the linney omission is very odd since it's basically HER movie. no knock on PSH (and it's not because i don't like him --i think he's good in this one) but it's HERS.

Patrick Whitfield said...

These noms are ridiculous. SIENNA MILLER in a one-note perf but no Kidman and Linney ?
I think it's because they'e both gorgeous and over 35, female voters are so jealous of them (especially the indie angry lesbians and there are plenty of those) and male voters want to watch more sexual/bitchy/younger actresses (Jolie/Miller)

LINNEY and KIDMAN are so above the so-called Indie awards (yes, a film produced by Brad Pitt with Jolie as the main actor is SO indie lol) that I'm sure neither of them care.
Kidman and Linney will be remembered, not Jolie or Miller

Anonymous said...

Where is "Lars and the Real Girl"? Not a single nomination for that amazing film or for Ryan Gosling's performance, which was one of the best things he's ever done so far in his career? What the hell ever IFP.

Anonymous said...

You know...not for nothing, but Linney didn't get nominated: NEITHER DID THE PICTURE.

Not as good as many are thinking?

Ryan said...

- WEI: I’ve met her in person. Incredible actress. Since Oscar will likely snub her I hope see snags some critics awards and a Globe nod.
- PRIETO: After his inexcusable snub here for "BROKEBACK", they owed him big time.
- “ONCE”: Wish it got more nods. But I don’t think it was eligible anywhere else- same thing happened to “THE PIANO”.
- HAYNES: I have this hunch he just may take the “wild card slot” in Oscars directing category. But the ISA is his true home.
- JOLIE: Fully deserved. A deeply moving performance.

- HOFFMAN: Make it go away
- “WAITRESS”: see above comment
- FRANKLIN… over Bale and Ledger? Are you fucking kidding me? Cute kid, but come on.

- Being the ISA, I really thought LEDGER and GAINSBOURG would make it. Shame. They were both amazing while rendering a stinging portrait of marital collapse. And as for LINNEY; her snub is a total mystery, especially since she’s a true “Indie Spirit”. But I’m doubtful this will effect her in the long-run.

Derek said...

To JJ and Anonymous -

I haven't seen The Savages yet (I'm seeing it tonight), but saying the movie isn't that strong because Linney got snubbed? It tied for the most nominations - they clearly liked it. I can't explain the Linney snub, but obviously it was in the running for a Best Feature nomination and just missed. Still, again I would say that tying for the most amount of nominations doesn't indicate that the film is weak or not as strong as we thought.

adam k. said...

I really think she ISA just intentionally snub people they figure don't need them. It's as simple as that.

But then the Jolie thing doesn't make much sense. So whatever.

daveylow said...

I think who ever makes the nominations try to recognize people who are often overlooked by other award groups. Though last year it was odd they nominated Edward Norton for The Painted Veil but snubbed Naomi Watts who was the heart of the film.
I don't think Away from Her was eligible because it was a Canadian film.

I hope Tang Wei wins the best actress award. She deserves it.

Nice to see Lust Caution's cinematographer recognized. I seem to recall they ignored im the year of Brokeback.

The Linney snub does not make sense. Did she win a Spirit award for You Can Count on Me?

Anonymous said...






adam k. said...

No, Ellen Bursten won, I think.

Kamikaze Camel said...

As always, the ISAs are incredibly ridiculous. Diving Bell for best picture and not foreign film? Lust, Caution for actor, actress and not foreign film? Once ineligible outside of foreign film yet others are?

Steve Zahn for Rescue Dawn and not Christian Bale?

Nice to see people like Sienna Miller and films like Paranoid Park get some notice. Maybe they can actually release Van Sant's latest now? Just maybe.

It's weird when movies like Before the Devil Knows You're Dead are obviously eligible and are considering big contenders for Oscar and yet they get only a patter of nominations.

Consider the names they didn't nominate for best director - Sidney Lumet, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Winterbottom, Werner Herzog...

Anonymous said...

You know...not for nothing, but Linney didn't get nominated: NEITHER DID THE PICTURE.

Not as good as many are thinking?

But they did give it nods for best actor, best director, and best screenplay, so that doesn't completely fly.

adam k. said...

Pan's Labyrinth randomly showed up in Best Feature last year, too. It's quite bizarre that actual foreign language films are eligible for best feature, but english language films are not.

And yeah, the nominations in general just make no sense.

steve said...

Linney's snub is pretty egregious, bt another one that shocks me is the lack of love for I'm Not There's cinematography. I mean, I guess it's pretty showy, but it's also totally awesome.

Anonymous said...

No nominations to Laura Linney or Philip Bosco
Nomination for Irrfan Khan but no for Tabu
Very strange decision?
Good point for Parker Posey

daveylow said...

How many people vote on these nominations? A few hundred? 50?

Marshall said...

Wow, what a list of great and really compelling movies. But it's just too out there for me. I can't wait until the National Board of Review reminds me that CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR is the Best Picture of the Year and that Denzel is the Best Director for THE GREAT DEBATERS.


oh geez Marshall. don't scare me like that (although that sounds so plausible I chuckled when i read it)