Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Just Called To Say 'I Link You'

Rug Rats Blog-a-Thon several blogs talking about child actors
<--- Over Thinking It Hit songs from obscure movies.
Valley Dreamin' sees Interiors (and other movies). Would that more filmgoers were this mature about films that challenge them
He Shot Cyrus "guys I'd go gay for"
Correct Opinion things we learned from Comic Con
Cinema Styles says something I always wanted to say (and have albeit in different genre context) about comic book films ...and says so beautifully
Crumb by Crumb, known Streep fanatic, ranks the songs in Mamma Mia!

Chicks on Fire does some thinking about early Portman and Kidman characters
Smackdown 1949
Inside the Gold on the casting of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland


elgringo said...

Oh my. I link you too.

Anonymous said...

when's you be updating dat best actress psychic contest, g?

elgringo said...

Also, great links this time. Anyone who reads this comment, go read that Cinema Styles post, it's incredible.

Hayden said...

I agree.

lawyer tony fernando said...

He shot Cyrus is not including James McVoy, so the list is full of FAIL to me!

Still straight, I can´t say for how long!

J.D. said...

Aww, thanks Nat! I would've called first, but I'm out of minutes.

And James McAvoy is, indeed, the only ultimately correct answer for a conversion.


lawyer tony i really wish you had a blog because this "countdown to gay" is totally enthralling me AGAINST MY WILL.

when you make the switch please blame me so I can win my toaster.

This is hilarious said...

Okay, following through on the "Who Would "You" Turn Gay For" (click the youtube link)



Anonymous said...

click "this is hilarious"


i still don't get where i'm clicking --I see no link -- but whatevs.

lawyer tony fernando said...

I´ll leave photos of my (homo) sexual experiences if they indeed... you know, happen!

I had a thing in a bathroom in my Law students days, that count?

Chicks On Fire said...

I just caught this now. Thanks for the link, Nathaniel. How strange and wonderful that you found our site and we've known of you since a long time ago via Sasha Stone's site. Good to see you're still going strong! :)