Friday, March 05, 2010

Say What Queens (White and Red)

I am such a spazz lately. I totally forgot about this Alice in Wonderland inspired "saywhat?" contest. So I debut the winners today on the day of the film's opening. It all works out in the end! Though as I said in this week's Towleroad article (where I also discuss the Depp/Burton partnership and that Jeremy Renner/Ben Affleck interview on Oprah), who on earth would think to open a new movie on Oscar weekend? I'm too busy wrapping up my feelings about last year's movies! Let's start with the 2010 movies next week, mm'kay?

The winners of the caption contest are Dusty Hixenbaugh

I love the absurdity of powdered sugar coffee. That's taking "light & sweet" too far. Though that's how I take mine.

and this one from Anthony Argenti


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James T said...

Dammit! I had thought of that frog joke but I thought my caption would seem like I was trying too hard, so I didn't include it. And then someone came who thought less hard than me and won!

I don't take losing too well :p