Wednesday, August 04, 2010

At This Exact Moment Thirty-Nine Years Ago...

Sgt Jack Mulanax: Have you read or heard anything about the Zodiac?
Arthur Leigh Allen:
When it was first in the paper but I didn't follow it after those first reports.
Inspector William Armstrong: Why not?
Arthur Leigh Allen: Too morbid. I told all this to the other officer!"

[I hereby dedicate all future time stamp postings to David Fincher. He'd appreciate the obsessive archiving.]


Terence said...

I live in Rodeo, CA! That timestamp is awesome :)

Btw I love David Fincher and I'm excited to see what he does with The Social Network.


omg. is that plant still there?

sars said...

Goodness, what a fantastic movie.

Terence said...

Yes the plant is still there lol